Angry, Stressed Or Sad? Try These Dishes To Calm Yourself

by Carter Toni

Let’s start this article by quoting a universal fact that “food is everyone’s bae”. There’s no sincere love that one shares for food. Without food, life would not have been this amazing. We are guessing every one of us would agree to this!

All of us have different reasons or justifications for relishing different food items of our choice at different times. Some love to satiate their food cravings for a particular dish, whereas some others crave desserts when they are either angry, stressed or sad. If you particularly belong to the people of the latter category, then here are some dishes to help you calm down. Read this article so that you don’t let your bad mood takeover your mental peace the next time.

1. Apple with Peanut Butter: For When You Are Cranky

When you are in the mood for shouting at people for no reason at all, you seriously need help to cope with your cranky behaviour. And for that, have something sugary sweet food like an apple with peanut butter to set your mood and those emotions back in your blood’s motion. Peanut butter is a healthy fat, whereas apples have healthy carbohydrates in it – both of which makes this great powerhouse of food that provides tonnes of nutrients and at the same time tastes delish. If not apple with peanut butter, try to have a combination of food that would include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

2. Cake/ Chocolate: For When You Are Stressed

In this fast-paced life, stress has been a concern which everyone hopes to deal with. It could be related to work, personal life issues or some other XYZ reasons. So the next time you feel stressed about something, you can try out some scrumptiously baked chocolate cakes ordered from some reputed bakery alongwith their cake delivery in Bangalore or wherever that you reside. Chocolate cakes or bars of chocolates are said to reduce the flow of stress hormones in our bodies and help us calm down. It is said to control hormones like cortisol and catecholamines, which reduces our anxiety and thus helps us to cope with stress better.

3. Spinach Salad: For When You Feel Sluggish

Often we feel lost in our own thoughts or end up losing our focus while doing something important. We bet you have wondered what to do under such low concentration situations, isn’t it? All you need to have is a plate full of healthy spinach salad. Leafy veggies like spinach contain folic acid that helps our body while processing and, at the same time, lowers homocysteine levels. It is said when these levels are high, they cause harm to our blood vessels and leave us feeling sluggish. Alongside spinach, you can also add some cereals, potatoes, fortified bread, and mushrooms to your salad to make it more like a full meal.

4. Green Tea: For When You Are Angry

Is your bad temper issues making you suffer a lot lately? Then, here comes your cup full of saviour in the form of green tea. Among the different benefits green tea has on us, one such is to control our bad temper. All one needs to do is take a sip of green tea and count till 100, and gradually it will start acting upon your anger issues. Green tea has a property called theanine, one of the proclaimed properties known to calm our nerves and clear our minds. It not just helps us to manage our anger issues but also improves our focus and concentration power.

5. Egg Salad Sandwich: For When You Are PMS-ing

Egg salad sandwich is well-known comfort food for all those ladies who are high on PMS-ing. Egg salad sandwiches tend to balance out the carb intake that we generally crave during our menstruation days. As it is best advised to stay away from high-sugar, fatty carbohydrates such as chips, as they tend to make us feel dull and slow, an egg salad sandwich seems like a perfect go-to PMS meal. You can choose to pair this sandwich with some whole grains.

So, now that you know, what are you in the mood for relishing?

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