Angrysandy.Com Reviews 2024: What is All About?

by Moore Martin

Angrysandy.Com Reviews

Angrysandy.Com Reviews

If you’re into stock markets and crave insights into their future happenings, you’ve probably heard of Chaikin Analysis. The website,, is where Chaikin shares all the intricacies of the stock markets and other updates in the United States. In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth review of to help you determine its legitimacy and reliability.

What is All About?

Chaikin, renowned for accurately predicting the 2020 stock market crash, is now forecasting significant updates for the year 2022. His valuable advice is readily available on his online platform, The Power Gauge Report, a key component of his insights, can be subscribed to via email. However, a notable absence on the website is any customer reviews, which raises skepticism about its credibility. No external online sources have shared feedback on the authenticity of this site either.

Assessing Legitimacy Based on Reviews

To evaluate the legitimacy of, let’s consider some key factors:

Registration Date

The site was registered on October 27, 2021, making it approximately seven months old as of the time of writing. A relatively short life span can sometimes be a red flag.

Registrar is registered with MarkMonitor Inc., adding a layer of legitimacy to the site’s registration.

Trust Score

The trust score for is only three percent, which may cause users to question its reliability and authenticity.

Buyer Feedback

There is a conspicuous absence of reviews from buyers on the website. Furthermore, online review platforms have not shared any feedback about the site’s products or services.

Social Media Presence does not have any official social media pages, which could be seen as a potential concern regarding transparency and communication.

Specifications of Angrysandy

Here are some additional details about

  • Email: You can contact them at
  • Phone number: (877) 697-6783.
  • Access to Power Pulse System for one year.
  • Marc’s predictions and warning reports for one year.
  • The value of this report is $199.
  • They also offer a $1000 value mysterious gift.
  • Access to the Power Gauge Report for one year.
  • All the updates on the Stock market are available in this report.
  • Your information is secured, and safe checkouts are provided.
  • A money-back guarantee is available.

What Does Offer?

Chaikin, having successfully forecasted significant events like the 2020 stock market crash, is now ready to unveil his predictions for 2022. According to Reviews, his insights cover various aspects, including the stock market’s trajectory and its impact on assets like gold, as well as other economic factors. Additionally, the website provides a Power Gauge Report, a comprehensive source for staying updated on market trends and news.

In Conclusion

To wrap up, we’ve shared all the essential information about While it offers valuable insights, its relatively short existence and low trust score raise concerns about its legitimacy. Buyers may find it challenging to fully rely on this platform due to these factors.

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1. Can I trust for stock market predictions?

While Chaikin’s predictions have been accurate in the past, the short existence of and its low trust score may raise doubts about its reliability.

2. Is there any buyer feedback available for

As of now, there are no customer reviews or feedback on, making it difficult to assess its credibility.

3. What does the Power Gauge Report offer?

The Power Gauge Report provides updates and insights into the stock market, including trends, predictions, and their impact on various assets.

4. Is active on social media?

No, does not have an official presence on any social media platforms.

5. Does offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, does provide a money-back guarantee for its services.

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