Are Deavan and Jihoon Still Together? Where are Deavan and Jihoon Now? Who is Jihoon? Who is Deavan?

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Are Deavan and Jihoon Still Together

Are Deavan and Jihoon Still Together

Introduction: Deavan and Jihoon’s Relationship

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee captured the attention of audiences worldwide with their tumultuous relationship on the reality TV show 90 Day Fiancé. Their journey was filled with ups and downs, ultimately leading to questions about their current status.

Deavan and Jihoon’s Whirlwind Romance

Their love story began with a chance encounter on a dating app when Deavan was 21 and Jihoon was 28. Despite the geographical distance between them, Jihoon took a leap of faith and flew from South Korea to Utah to meet Deavan in person. The connection they shared quickly blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Challenges Faced by the Couple

However, their relationship was not without obstacles. Deavan, being a single mother to her daughter Drascilla, faced challenges adapting to life in South Korea. Jihoon’s financial struggles and constant deception about his job exacerbated the situation. Moreover, the pressure to impress Jihoon’s parents added further strain to their relationship.

90 Day Fiancé Season 3 Conclusion

As Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way concluded, Deavan returned to the United States with her two children. Rumors began to circulate about disturbing incidents involving Jihoon and Deavan’s daughter, Drascilla, further straining their marriage.

Revelation of Deavan’s Shocking Truth

In a shocking revelation in 2022, Deavan disclosed that the majority of their storyline on the show was fabricated. She admitted that their relationship was already over before the season concluded and that they stayed together primarily for financial reasons and the opportunities presented by the show.

Analysis of Deavan and Jihoon’s Relationship

Despite the portrayal of a romantic connection on-screen, it became evident that their relationship was more strategic than genuine. Deavan’s reflections on their interactions highlighted the scripted nature of their on-screen romance.

Deavan’s Current Status

Deavan has moved on from her past relationship with Jihoon and is now expecting a baby with her new boyfriend, Topher Park. However, their joy was tempered by the news of her son Taeyang’s diagnosis with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Jihoon’s Whereabouts

Jihoon’s absence from social media raised questions about his awareness of Taeyang’s illness. Deavan confirmed that Jihoon was informed but had not reached out or provided any support. He expressed a desire to live his life as a single man and chose not to be involved in Taeyang’s life.

FAQ Section: Are Deavan and Jihoon Still Together?

  1. Are Deavan and Jihoon still together in 2024? No, Deavan and Jihoon are not still together. Their relationship faced numerous challenges, leading to a breakup. Deavan has moved on and is currently expecting a baby with her new boyfriend, Topher Park.
  2. When did Deavan and Jihoon officially split? Deavan officially filed for divorce from Jihoon, and the divorce was finalized. The split became public knowledge after the end of their journey on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Season 3.
  3. Did Jihoon show any support during Deavan’s son Taeyang’s illness? Deavan mentioned on her Instagram story that Jihoon was informed about their son Taeyang’s illness when they found out. However, she claimed that Jihoon hasn’t reached out or provided any support, and there has been no help from him or his family.
  4. Why did Deavan file for divorce from Jihoon? Deavan filed for divorce amid rumors and allegations about concerning behavior towards her daughter and issues within their relationship. She cited Jihoon’s lack of involvement and irresponsibility as contributing factors to their split.
  5. Did Jihoon participate in the custody battle for Taeyang? According to Deavan, Jihoon did not show up for court dates, and he willingly gave up his rights in the custody battle for Taeyang. She expressed that Jihoon chose not to be involved in their son’s life.


In conclusion, Deavan and Jihoon’s relationship journey has been filled with challenges and revelations. Despite their on-screen portrayal, it’s evident that their connection was more strategic than genuine. Both have moved on to different paths in life, with Deavan focusing on her family and Jihoon choosing to live a separate life.

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