Are Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller Still Together? Who are Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller? Relationship Timeline

by Moore Martin

Are Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller Still Together

Are Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller Still Together

Amid swirling rumors and social media speculations, fans of Bachelor Nation find themselves pondering a burning question: Are Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller still an item? Let’s delve into the details surrounding these two figures and their tumultuous romantic journey.

Background of Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller

Greg Grippo rose to prominence as a contestant on the 17th season of The Bachelorette. Hailing from New Jersey, Greg’s heartfelt tale of loss—his father’s passing in 2018—captured viewers’ hearts. However, his emotional exit from the show during hometowns stirred a wave of divided opinions among Bachelor Nation.

On the other hand, Victoria Fuller stepped into the limelight through her appearances on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Despite her elimination in the 24th season of The Bachelor, Victoria’s journey continued, eventually leading to her victory in Bachelor in Paradise season 8.

Relationship Timeline

Greg and Victoria’s paths crossed following Fuller’s engagement to Johnny DePhillipo. Their love story blossomed, and they commemorated their first anniversary in October 2023. However, recent rumblings in the digital sphere hint at potential trouble brewing in paradise.

Recent Speculations

Social media sleuths have been quick to notice subtle shifts in Greg and Victoria’s online presence. The absence of Valentine’s Day festivities and joint postings has fueled speculation about the state of their relationship. While some perceive these as mere coincidences, others interpret them as telltale signs of trouble.

Greg Grippo’s Profile

Beyond his reality TV stints, Greg’s life before the cameras involved a career in marketing sales. However, it’s his vulnerability and authenticity, particularly regarding his familial bonds and personal struggles, that have resonated with audiences.

Victoria Fuller’s Profile

Victoria’s journey in the Bachelor franchise hasn’t been without its fair share of drama. From her past relationship with country singer Chase Rice to her involvement in controversial ad campaigns, she’s been a magnet for media attention. However, it’s her romantic entanglement with Greg Grippo that’s currently under scrutiny.

Current Status

As of now, neither Greg nor Victoria has addressed the swirling rumors directly. While some speculate based on cryptic social media activity, concrete confirmation of their relationship status remains elusive.


In the ever-enthralling world of Bachelor Nation, the saga of Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller adds another layer of intrigue. While their journey has been marked by highs and lows, the current state of their relationship remains shrouded in uncertainty.


  1. Have Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller confirmed their breakup? As of now, neither Greg nor Victoria have made any official statements regarding their relationship status.
  2. What sparked speculation about Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller’s relationship? Observations from fans on social media, noting the absence of recent Valentine’s Day celebrations and joint posts, fueled speculation about their relationship status.
  3. Did Victoria Fuller’s solo trip to Aspen indicate trouble in her relationship with Greg Grippo? While some fans interpreted Victoria’s solo trip as a sign of trouble, it’s unclear if it directly relates to her relationship with Greg.
  4. How long have Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller been together? Greg and Victoria celebrated their first anniversary in October 2023, indicating that they were together for at least a year.
  5. What Bachelor Nation shows have Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller appeared on? Greg Grippo gained fame as a contestant on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, while Victoria Fuller was introduced during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

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