Are Johnny and Chris from “Love Is Blind” Still Together? Who are Johnny and Chris?

by Moore Martin

Are Johnny and Chris Love is Blind Still Together

It’s uncertain if Johnie and Chris from “Love Is Blind” are still together as their public interactions and social media activities offer no confirmation.

The Mystery of Johnny and Chris’s Relationship

As of September 2023, it’s unclear whether Johnie and Chris from “Love Is Blind” are still together. There’s no way to know their relationship status at the moment. Both Johnie and Chris have public Instagram profiles, but they don’t follow each other or share any photos together.

They haven’t posted anything about each other either. Public interactions on platforms like Venmo also show no recent connections between them. However, this lack of public interaction doesn’t confirm a breakup, as the show’s rules might prevent them from posting spoilers.

To find out the truth, fans will have to wait for the “Love Is Blind” season 5 reunion special, where they might get more information about their relationship.

Who is Johnny Maraist?

Johnie Maraist, featured on the show “Love Is Blind,” is a corporate transaction lawyer based in Houston, Texas. She completed her law studies at the University of Houston Law Center in May 2018. Besides her legal career, she also works as a personal trainer.

During the filming of the show, she was 32 years old, although her exact birthdate is unknown. On her Instagram account, she shares her fitness journey, workout routines, and glimpses of her personal life, including events like friends’ baby showers and weddings.

Additionally, Johnie has a TikTok account under the same handle, where she likely engages with her audience in a similar manner. In the Love Is Blind pods, she opened up about her past relationships, mentioning that she had been previously married to a man named Mike, who tragically passed away due to an overdose. She described him as the only person she had ever loved deeply, emphasizing the emotional complexity of her past experiences.

Who is Chris?

Chris, a contestant on Love Is Blind Season 5, met Johnie Maraist in The Pods during the show. Their relationship had its ups and downs. Initially, Johnie broke up with Chris in Episode 2 due to her stronger feelings for another contestant, Izzy. However, when Izzy ended things with Johnie in the same episode, Johnie asked Chris to reconcile in Episode 3.

Unfortunately, their relationship faced another hurdle in Episode 4 when Chris declined Johnie’s invitation to get back together, feeling like he wasn’t her first choice. Despite these challenges, they reunited outside The Pods, revealing their renewed relationship in Episode 7. Chris acknowledged the unique challenges they faced on the show and expressed understanding for the difficult decisions made in such unprecedented circumstances.

Despite the initial hurdles, Chris’s willingness to navigate these challenges reflected his commitment to their relationship and his appreciation for the genuine connection they had formed.

 Love is Blind Season 5

Love Is Blind Season 5 is the latest installment of the popular reality TV series that premiered on September 22nd, 2023. In this season, a diverse group of singles from Houston, Texas, embark on a journey to find love in a unique way: they date and even get engaged without ever seeing each other in person.

The show follows their emotional and romantic experiences as they explore deep connections and navigate the challenges of love in a world where appearances are not a factor. With its engaging format and relatable cast, Love Is Blind Season 5 continues to captivate audiences and explore the age-old question of whether love can truly be blind.

Love is Blind Season 5 Release Date

Love is Blind Season 5 premiered on September 22nd, and it features a total of 10 episodes. New episodes will be released every Friday over the course of four weeks, with the finale airing on October 13th.

This release schedule allows viewers to follow the singles’ journeys for love in a structured and engaging way.

Contestants from Love is Blind Season 5 in 2023



Aaliyah ICU travel nurse 29
Estefania teacher/dancer 30
Shondra  flight attendant 32
Maris  HR specialist 30
Paige stylist 32
Renee  veterinarian 32
Lydia 32, geologist 32
Erica  marketing manager 27
Miriam  scientist 32
Stacy director of operations 34
Linda  talent acquisition recruiter 32
Mayra  minister 25
Taylor  teacher 26
Robert  special education teacher 30
Izzy  sales 31
Chris  project manager 28
Efrain  software sales 27
Ernesto supply chain manager 32
Connor  geoscientist 31
Enoch financial advisor 27
Jarred university director 34
Jared  firefighter 32
Josh sales representative 32
Carter  construction 30
Justice  personal trainer 28
Milton  petroleum engineer 25
Uche Lawyer/entrepreneur 34
Johnny corporate transaction lawyer 32

Love is Blind

Love Is Blind, a reality TV show conceived by Chris Coelen and developed by Kinetic Content, debuted on Netflix on February 13, 2020, as part of a three-week special event.

The series explores a unique social experiment in which single men and women seek love and become engaged without ever meeting face-to-face.

Love is Blind Show Format

In the show Love Is Blind, fifteen men and fifteen women from the same area aim to find love without ever seeing each other in person at first. They date in special “pods” where they can talk but not see each other for ten days. After getting to know each other, they can propose marriage whenever they’re ready.

Couples only meet face-to-face once a marriage proposal is accepted, and then they go to a couples’ retreat to bond and become physically intimate. Later, they move to the same apartment complex, meet each other’s families, plan weddings, and make the final decision at the altar on whether to say “I do” or not. It’s a unique journey to find love with a twist.

Are Johnny and Chris Love Is Blind still together? – FAQs

1. Are Johnny and Chris from Love Is Blind Season 5 still together?

– Their relationship status is uncertain, with no public confirmation of their current status.

2. Who is Johnny Maraist?

– Johnny Maraist, featured on Love Is Blind, is a corporate transaction lawyer and personal trainer based in Houston, Texas.

3. Who is Chris?

– Chris is a contestant from Love Is Blind Season 5. He faced challenges with Johnny in the pods.

4. When did Love Is Blind Season 5 premiere?

– Love Is Blind Season 5 premiered on September 22nd, 2023, featuring a diverse group of singles from Houston, Texas.

5. How many episodes are there in Love Is Blind Season 5?

– The season consists of 10 episodes, released weekly, with the finale airing on October 13th, 2023.

In conclusion, the relationship status of Johnie and Chris from “Love Is Blind” remains a mystery, and fans will have to tune in to the reunion special to learn more about their journey. This unique reality show continues to captivate audiences, exploring the complexities of love and relationships in a truly unconventional way.

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