Are Maddi and Trevor Still Together: Maddi and Trevor Relationship Timeline!

by Moore Martin

Are Maddi and Trevor Still Together

Are Maddi and Trevor Still Together

Maddi and Trevor’s relationship on Southern Hospitality faces turmoil amid cheating allegations, prompting a complex and emotional journey in Season 2.

Are Maddi and Trevor Still Together?

Maddi and Trevor’s relationship on Southern Hospitality faced a rocky turn when rumors surfaced about Trevor allegedly cheating. In the Season 2 premiere, Maddi expressed happiness about living with Trevor, but things changed as she confronted him about the cheating rumors. Following the heated exchange, Maddi moved out of their shared home, revealing to Grace Lilly that she had swiftly packed up and relocated to a friend’s house.

As of now, it appears that Maddi and Trevor are no longer together. In an interview, Maddi described their relationship as “complicated,” and subsequent social media activity suggests a breakup. Maddi now resides with new roommates, including Oisin O’Neill. The ongoing drama and Maddi’s decision to distance herself from Trevor add uncertainty to the future of their relationship on the reality show. Fans can follow the unfolding events on Southern Hospitality airing on Bravo.

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Who is Maddi?

Maddi Reese is a 26-year-old VIP manager at Republic Garden & Lounge, known for her role in the reality show Southern Hospitality’s Season 2. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Maddi pursued a degree in Psychology and Communication at the College of Charleston. She started her culinary career at Rooster’s Woodier Kitchen in Charlotte and later moved to O-Ku Sushi in Charleston.

In 2018, under the guidance of Leva, Maddi joined Bourbon N’ Bubbles before transitioning to Republic Garden & Lounge, where she currently holds positions as the DJ and VIP manager. Season 1 of Southern Hospitality focused on Maddi’s relationship drama with co-worker Trevor Stokes, and Season 2 continues to unravel the complexities of their connection, promising viewers intense confrontations and emotional moments.

Who is Trevor?

Trevor Stokes, aged 26, is a well-known contestant on the reality show Southern Hospitality. In Season 2, the couple faces challenges and decides to move in together despite their past issues involving alleged cheating. The show’s teaser reveals a tense confrontation where Maddi accuses Trevor of dishonesty regarding the cheating rumors. Trevor, standing at 6 feet tall, holds roles as the Director of Operations at NanTukTuk and a Sales and Marketing Specialist at Stoked Carts.

Originally from Philadelphia, Trevor relocated to attend the College of Charleston. His family includes parents Peter and Patti Stokes, with Peter working as an investment manager and educator. Trevor’s siblings are Spencer and Jessica Stokes, adding a personal dimension to his life beyond the reality show drama.

Maddi and Trevor Relationship Timeline

Maddi Reese and Trevor Stokes’ relationship on Southern Hospitality has been a rollercoaster. In Season 1, they faced challenges due to alleged cheating, leading to a temporary breakup. However, they reconciled and decided to move in together in Season 2. The initial episodes portrayed a positive picture of their relationship, with Maddi expressing happiness and love.

The plot thickened when co-worker Bradley Carter claimed Trevor cheated, causing a confrontation. Maddi, devastated by the news, emotionally addressed Trevor about the allegations, expressing her shattered dreams of a future together. Despite the turmoil, Maddi shared in an interview that she doesn’t regret giving love another chance, emphasizing the complications and blurred lines in their current relationship status.

Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality, a reality TV series airing on Bravo since November 28, 2022, is the third spin-off of Southern Charm. The show centers around Leva Bonaparte, a key figure from Southern Charm, and focuses on her ventures: Republic Lounge & Garden and Bourbon and Bubbles Restaurant & Bar. The series provides a glimpse into the daily lives of Leva and the dedicated staff working at her establishments in Charleston.

As they navigate the challenges of the bustling nightlife on King Street, the team at Republic Lounge & Garden aims for perfection under Leva’s leadership. Viewers witness the dynamics within the group as they strive to maintain their jobs, friendships, and relationships amidst rumors, cheating allegations, and the ghosts of past experiences, creating an engaging and dramatic portrayal of life in Charleston’s vibrant social scene.

Are Maddi and Trevor Still Together – FAQs

  1. Who is Maddi Reese from Southern Hospitality? Maddi Reese is the 26-year-old VIP manager at Republic Garden & Lounge featured in the reality show Southern Hospitality.
  2. What is the premise of Southern Hospitality? Southern Hospitality, the third spin-off of Southern Charm, follows Leva Bonaparte and the staff at her Charleston establishments, Republic Lounge & Garden and Bourbon and Bubbles Restaurant & Bar.
  3. Are Maddi and Trevor still together in Season 2? The relationship between Maddi and Trevor faces challenges in Season 2, with cheating rumors causing turmoil. While they initially move in together, the status of their relationship becomes complicated, and a confrontation unfolds, leaving their future uncertain.
  4. What jobs does Trevor Stokes have? Trevor Stokes serves as the Director of Operations at NanTukTuk and works as a Sales and Marketing Specialist at Stoked Carts. He is also associated with Charles Bike Taxi and previously worked as a valet runner at BMW.
  5. How old is Trevor Stokes?
    Trevor Stokes is 26 years old as of 2023; he was born in 1997.

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