Attack on Titan Ending Explained: Release Date, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know!

by Moore Martin

Attack on Titan Ending Explained

In the final showdown, the Global Alliance defeats Eren, ending the Rumbling event but leaving a world plagued by tension, hinting at the possibility of continued conflict despite their victory.

Introduction to Attack on Titan

“Attack on Titan,” also known as “Shingeki no Kyojin,” is a beloved dark fantasy anime series based on Hajime Isayama’s manga. Airing from April 7, 2013, to November 5, 2023, it portrayed a post-apocalyptic world where humanity sought refuge behind colossal walls from Titans, giant humanoid creatures.

The story revolves around Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert, who join the Survey Corps after witnessing their hometown’s destruction and Eren’s mother’s tragic fate at the hands of Titans. The series captivated audiences globally, earning praise for its compelling storyline, animation, action sequences, character depth, voice acting, and powerful soundtrack. Its impact on mainstream culture is immense, showcasing anime’s universal appeal and contributing significantly to its popularity worldwide.

Attack on Titan Ending Explained

In the ending of Attack on Titan, the story concludes with a big battle between Eren and a group called the Global Alliance. Eren, who has become incredibly powerful, starts a devastating event called the Rumbling, where Titans are sent to kill people outside Paradis Island. The Alliance, including characters like Armin, Mikasa, and Levi, along with some Marleyan forces, join together to stop Eren and save the world.

During their journey to confront Eren, many lives are lost, including a notable character named Hange. Despite the sacrifices, they are determined to stop Eren and prevent the widespread destruction. In the final battle, Armin’s compassionate approach helps unite old Titan Shifters against Eren. Eventually, they succeed in killing Eren and ending the Rumbling threat.

However, even though Eren is defeated, the world is still filled with tensions and violence. This leaves the possibility of ongoing conflict, suggesting that the cycle of violence might continue despite their victory.

Attack on Titan Release Date

“Attack on Titan: The Final Season” released two special episodes on March 4, 2023, and November 5, 2023. These episodes marked significant moments in the series, captivating fans worldwide. The release dates brought excitement to viewers, eager to witness the conclusion of the epic story. Fans anticipated these special episodes, as they were crucial to the finale. The dates, March 4th and November 5th, became memorable for fans of the series, representing the culmination of a thrilling journey that had spanned several years.

Attack on Titan Plot

In a world teetering on the edge of annihilation, humanity faces the relentless threat of Titans, colossal humanoid creatures with a penchant for devouring humans. In a desperate bid for survival, the remnants of humanity find refuge within a city encased by towering walls that surpass even the Titans in size. For over a century, they enjoy relative peace, believing the Titans to be a distant nightmare. However, tranquility crumbles when an immense Colossal Titan breaches the outermost wall, unleashing hordes of smaller Titans into their midst.

Amid the chaos, young Eren Jaeger, along with his friends Mikasa and Armin, witnesses the harrowing death of Eren’s mother at the hands of the Titans. This traumatic event fuels Eren’s unwavering resolve to exterminate every Titan and avenge humanity. Together, they embark on a perilous quest to reclaim freedom from the Titans’ grip.

As the story unfolds, the trio grapples with adversity, uncovers the secrets surrounding the Titans, and confronts the daunting reality that the safety of their city may not endure forever. “Attack on Titan” is a tale of resilience, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of humanity in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Attack on Titan Cast

The tabular column below representing the cast and their respective characters in “Attack on Titan”:

Japanese Voice Actor

English Voice Actor


Yuki Kaji Bryce Papenbrook Eren Yeager
Yui Ishikawa Trina Nishimura Mikasa Ackerman
Marina Inoue Jessie James Grelle Armin Arlert
Yoshimasa Hosoya Robert McCollum Reiner Braun
Hiroshi Kamiya Matthew Mercer Levi Ackerman
Romi Park Jessica Calvello Hange Zoë
Kishô Taniyama Mike McFarland Jean Kirstein
Hiro Shimono Clifford Chapin Connie Springer
Yū Kobayashi Ashly Burch (S1-3) / Megan Shipman (S4) Sasha Braus
Daisuke Ono J. Michael Tatum Erwin Smith
Yū Shimamura Lauren Landa (S1, S4) / Guest: S2-3 Annie Leonhart
Keiji Fujiwara (S1) / Kenjiro Tsuda (S2, Guest: S3) David Wald (S1-2, Guest: S3) Hannes
Tomohisa Hashizume David Matranga (S2-3, Recurring: S1, Guest: S4) Bertolt Hoover
Shiori Mikami Bryn Apprill (S2-3, Recurring: S1, S4) Historia Reiss
Takehito Koyasu Jason Liebrecht (S2, S4, Recurring: S3) Zeke Yeager
Yusaku Yara (S3) Kenny Green (S3, Guest: S4) Rod Reiss
Kazuhiro Yamaji (S3) Phil Parsons (S3, Guest: S4) Kenny Ackerman
Kensho Ono Matt Shipman (S4, Recurring: S3) Floch Forster
Manami Numakura Amber Lee Connors (S4, Guest: S3) Pieck Finger
Ayane Sakura Lindsay Seidel (S4) Gabi Braun
Natsuki Hanae (S4) Bryson Baugus (S4) Falco Grice
Jiro Saito (S4) Neil Kaplan (S4) Theo Magath
Toshiki Masuda (S4) Kellen Goff (S4) Porco Galliard
Masaya Matsukaze (S4) Griffin Burns (S4) Colt Grice
Mitsuki Saiga (S4) Anairis Quiñones (S4) Yelena
Kouji Hiwatari (S4) Zeno Robinson (S4) Onyankopon

Attack on Titan Review

In the “Final Chapters (Part One)” of Attack on Titan, the anime series achieved unparalleled brilliance, leaving both fans and critics in awe. After a 10-month hiatus, the show returned triumphantly, setting a remarkable standard for anime and television as a whole. The episode painted a harrowing picture of The Rumbling, a catastrophic event where colossal Titans ravaged Marley, displaying breathtakingly rendered scenes that gripped viewers’ hearts. What made the episode truly exceptional was the intense narrative focus on the surviving members of the 104th Training Corps. Their preparation to confront the grotesquely transformed Eren Yeager was portrayed with such depth and emotion, adding layers to the story’s complexity.

The episode’s masterful combination of striking visuals and compelling storytelling created an unforgettable viewing experience. It showcased the series’ ability to capture the weight of dark fantasy, setting a new standard for anime storytelling. Attack on Titan’s return was met with overwhelming praise, heralding it as a milestone that anime aspires to reach. The dedication to character development, coupled with the tension-filled atmosphere, promises an epic final battle, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the continuation of this thrilling saga.

Where to Watch Attack on Titan

Fans of “Attack on Titan: The Final Season” can watch the series on both Crunchyroll and Hulu. These platforms provide a convenient way for subscribers to stay updated with the epic conclusion of the series. By tuning in to either Crunchyroll or Hulu, viewers ensure they don’t miss out on the monumental battle and the thrilling outcome of the story. With accessibility on these popular streaming services, fans can easily immerse themselves in the world of Titans, making it easier for everyone to experience the dramatic events and pivotal moments as the series reaches its climax.

Attack on Titan Ending Explained – FAQ

1. When did Attack on Titan originally air?

– Attack on Titan premiered on April 7, 2013, and concluded on November 5, 2023.

2. Who are the main characters in Attack on Titan?

– The main characters include Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Reiner Braun, Levi Ackerman, and more.

3. What is the Rumbling in Attack on Titan?

– The Rumbling is a devastating event where Titans are unleashed to kill people outside Paradis Island, orchestrated by the powerful character Eren Yeager.

4. How can fans watch Attack on Titan: The Final Season?

– Fans can watch “Attack on Titan: The Final Season” on streaming platforms Crunchyroll and Hulu.

5. What impact did Attack on Titan have on popular culture?

– Attack on Titan

significantly contributed to anime’s mainstream popularity due to its compelling storyline, animation, character depth, and global appeal, leaving a lasting impact on popular culture.

In conclusion, “Attack on Titan” has left an indelible mark on the world of anime, and its epic conclusion continues to captivate fans worldwide. The battle against Eren and the Rumbling event showcased the series’ depth and intensity, making it a must-watch for any anime enthusiast. With its availability on Crunchyroll and Hulu, viewers can dive into the thrilling conclusion and witness the legacy of “Attack on Titan.”

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