Average Spotify Listening Time Wrapped: How Many Minutes Do People Listen to Spotify in a Year?

by Moore Martin

Average Spotify Listening Time Wrapped

In a year of tunes, you danced through time, wrapping up your average day with a Spotify embrace, 365 days of melody, each a chapter in your own musical symphony.

Average Spotify Listening Time Wrapped

Spotify’s listening minutes show how much time you’ve spent listening to music on the app. When you check your Spotify Wrapped, it gives you a detailed list of your music preferences, and the listening minutes tell you the total time you’ve used the app to enjoy your favorite artists.

Many users share their listening minutes on social media platforms like Twitter and TikTok. For example, one person might say, “I spent 78,657 minutes listening this year.” Another might mention, “I clocked in 45,500 hours on the app,” and someone else could share, “I dedicated 53,873 minutes to my favorite tunes.”

Some users highlight specific artists or podcasts that contributed to their total listening time. For instance, one person might reveal, “I spent 65,781 minutes on the Joe Rogan podcast,” while another might say, “I enjoyed 89,982 minutes of Taylor Swift’s songs.”

What is the Average Amount of Minutes Listened on Spotify a Year?

This is amazing! I think it’s true for all of us who work in radio too!

A recent report on numbers showed that on average, a person listens to 961 hours and 10 minutes of music in a year! That’s like more than 40 days of continuous music.

The stats also tell us that a regular person hears about 1.3 million songs in their life. Imagine this—it would take more than 600 years to listen to every song in the whole world.

I believe almost everyone in the world enjoys music. The numbers say around 7.11 billion people listen to music.

And get this, someone spent over 403,418 minutes listening to music on Spotify—that’s the longest time ever!

I really love listening to music. It’s super popular because it’s proven to help with things like reducing pain, anxiety, and blood pressure. It even releases dopamine, improves sleep, alertness, and memory.

There’s music for everything! Check out more from Sisanie here!


Spotify is a Swedish company that started in 2006. It lets you listen to music and other audio stuff on the internet. About 590 million people use it every month, and 226 million of them pay for it as of September 2023. You can find more than 100 million songs and five million podcasts on Spotify.

It works in many places around the world—Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Oceania, in a total of 184 markets. Most of its users are in the US and Europe, making up about 53% of users and 67% of the money it makes. However, Spotify isn’t in China, where QQ Music is the big player.

You can use Spotify on lots of devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, smart home gadgets, and media players. It offers a free version with ads and limited options, and if you pay, you get extras like listening offline and no ads.

Spotify doesn’t pay artists a fixed amount for each song. Instead, it pays based on how many times people listen to an artist’s songs compared to all the songs played. It gives about 70% of its money to the people who own the rights to the songs (like record labels), and they pay the artists according to their agreements.

Some musicians don’t like how Spotify pays them, but others think it’s good because it gives people a legal way to listen to music and pays artists for each play.

How does Spotify Wrapped Work?

A Reddit user explained how Spotify keeps track of the music you listen to. If you listen to a song for more than 30 seconds, it gets counted in Spotify’s rankings. The top songs are determined by how many times they’re played, not how long you listen to them.

Your total time spent listening on Spotify includes podcasts too. So, if you doze off while listening to Saving Grace, those minutes add up. The artists you like the most are figured out by counting how many times you’ve played their songs, not by the total time you’ve spent listening to them.

How to find Spotify Wrapped 2023?

To find your Spotify Wrapped for 2023:

  1. Wait for the Release: Spotify will release your Wrapped on both the mobile and desktop apps. Keep an eye out for an email from Spotify notifying you when it’s available.
  2. Check the App: When it’s out, open the Spotify app on your phone or computer. Spotify usually puts it front and center, making it hard to miss.
  3. Look for Pop-ups: Spotify might also show you pop-ups when you open the app, making sure you know your Wrapped is ready.
  4. Be Inspired by Friends: If your friends start talking about their Wrapped, it’s probably time to check yours too. Spotify makes a big deal out of it, so it’s easy to catch wind of it through the grapevine.

Once you find it, you can enjoy your personalized playlists and stats for the year!

How to Share Spotify Wrapped?

To share your Spotify Wrapped with friends:

  1. Visit the Spotify Wrapped Website: Go to the Spotify Wrapped website.
  2. Choose Your Sharing Platform: Look for options like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok. Pick the platform you like.
  3. Follow the Prompts: Click on the platform icon and follow the prompts that pop up. Spotify will guide you through the sharing process.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully shared your Spotify Wrapped, showcasing your awesome music taste with your friends.

Average Spotify Listening Time Wrapped – FAQs

  1. What is Spotify Wrapped and how does it calculate my average listening time? Spotify Wrapped is a feature that provides users with a personalized summary of their listening habits for the year. It calculates average listening time based on the total minutes users spent listening to music on the platform throughout the year.
  2. How can I access my Spotify Wrapped and find out my average listening time? Spotify Wrapped is typically available on the Spotify app and website towards the end of the year. You can access it through the app’s home screen or by visiting the Spotify Wrapped website. Your average listening time will be highlighted in the summary along with other statistics.
  3. Is the average listening time only for songs, or does it include podcasts as well? The average listening time on Spotify Wrapped includes both songs and podcasts. It provides a comprehensive overview of the total time you spent engaging with audio content on the platform.
  4. Can I share my average listening time from Spotify Wrapped on social media? Yes, Spotify makes it easy to share your Wrapped statistics, including your average listening time, on various social media platforms. You can use the sharing options provided on the Spotify Wrapped website or directly from the Spotify app.
  5. How accurate is the average listening time reported by Spotify Wrapped? The average listening time on Spotify Wrapped is calculated based on the data collected by the platform throughout the year. It is as accurate as the information recorded by Spotify’s tracking system.

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