Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Where are They Now? Who is hosting Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?

by Moore Martin

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Where are They Now

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 has taken viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions, from love stories to surprising engagements, and now we’re here to provide you with the latest updates on where the cast members are now. Dive into the post-Paradise journeys of your favorite couples, and get ready for some unexpected twists in the paradise tale.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9

The ninth season of Bachelor in Paradise kicked off on September 28, 2023, and it has been nothing short of thrilling. This season brought together a group of eligible singles looking for love in a breathtaking tropical setting. Adding to the excitement, Jesse Palmer returned as the host, guiding the contestants on their romantic journeys.

Fans can expect to witness unexpected friendships, heartfelt connections, and those unforgettable moments that make this show a fan favorite. If you want to stay updated on all the latest happenings and immerse yourself in the love stories, be sure to catch the show on the official channels.

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Jess and Mercedes Departure

One of the most talked-about moments in Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 was the departure of Jess and Mercedes. Despite spending the entire season on the beach, both women struggled to find a lasting connection. Jess, in particular, expressed her disappointment, saying, “I came here for love, and I am leaving with nothing.” Mercedes friend-zoned Jordan, highlighting the lack of a romantic connection.

Kat and John Henry’s Surprising Connection

Kat and John Henry had a rocky start in Paradise, but things took an unexpected turn during a paddleboarding date. They opened up to each other about their personal struggles, leading to a deep and surprising connection. This unexpected twist in their relationship defied expectations on the beach and left fans rooting for them.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Cast




Aaron Bryant 30 Software Salesman
Aaron Schwartzman 34 Firefighter
Aven Jones 29 Sales Executive
Blake Moynes 32 Wildlife Manager
Brayden Bowers 25 Travel Nurse
Davia Bunch 26 Marketing Manager
Eliza Isichei 27 Marketing Manager
Genevie Mayo 26 Neonatal Nurse
Jess Girod 24 E-Commerce Coordinator
John Buresh 27 Data Scientist
John Henry Spurlock 31 Underwater Welder
Jordan Vandergriff 28 Drag Racer
Kat Izzo 27 Registered Nurse
Kylee Russell 25 Postpartum Nurse
Mercedes Northup 25 Nonprofit Case Manager
Michael Barbour 29 Yacht Captain
Olivia Lewis 24 Patient Care Technician
Peter Cappio 33 Airline Pilot
Rachel Recchia 27 Flight Instructor
Samantha “Sam” Jeffries 27 Occupational Therapist
Samantha “Sam” Picco 34 Entrepreneur
Sean McLaughlin 26 Software Sales Rep
Tanner Courtad 30 Mortgage Lender
Taylor Pegg 32 Loan Officer
Tyler Norris 26 Small Business Owner
Will Urena 30 Academic Interventionist
Brooklyn Willie 25 Rodeo Racer
Cat Wong 26 Professional Dancer
Greer Blitzer 25 Medical Sales Representative

Aaron and Eliza’s Journey to Engagement

Aaron and Eliza, formerly known as Aaron B., embarked on a date involving a shaman and a sweat lodge. Both had fears about commitment, but eventually, they confessed their love for each other and discussed the possibility of engagement. Aaron proposed to Eliza in an impassioned speech, and she tearfully accepted. However, a post-Paradise montage hinted at potential challenges in their relationship.

Kylee and Aven’s Relationship Struggles

Kylee and Aven faced their share of challenges as doubts about their relationship surfaced. Kylee desired an engagement, but Aven hesitated, leading to a heated discussion on a daybed. The next morning, the couple continued to grapple with their differences, raising concerns about the future of their relationship.

Kenny and Mari’s Beach Wedding

Bachelor Nation favorites Kenny and Mari returned to the beach where they first met to make their union official. Engaged at the end of their previous season, they celebrated their love with a beautiful beach wedding. The emotional ceremony included a surprise appearance by Kenny’s best man, Blake, creating a heartwarming moment for fans.

Eliza and Aaron’s Fantasy Suite and Engagement

Eliza and Aaron shared their love for each other in the Fantasy Suite, overcoming Eliza’s nerves about the possibility of engagement. After Aaron spoke to Eliza’s mom, he proposed, and she joyfully accepted. The couple expressed excitement about their engagement, but a post-Paradise montage suggested that challenges might lie ahead in their relationship.

John Henry and Kat’s Engagement

Following a beautifully wrapped love story between Aaron and Eliza, questions arose about the future of John Henry and Kat’s relationship. Despite John Henry’s initial hesitation, he ultimately proposed to Kat, and she happily accepted. In the “where are they now” montage, it was revealed that the couple is still happily engaged and planning to move to San Diego together.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Finals Date

The highly anticipated Season 9 finale of “Bachelor in Paradise” aired on Thursday, December 7, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Viewers who had been following the romantic escapades and emotional twists throughout the season marked their calendars for this exciting date. The finale promised to reveal the final outcomes of the relationships that developed in the picturesque tropical setting.

For those who prefer streaming, the new season is accessible through platforms such as FuboTV and DirecTV Stream, ensuring that fans can catch the thrilling conclusion of the season’s love stories, drama, and unexpected moments.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Where are They Now – FAQs

  1. Who is hosting Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?Jesse Palmer is back as the host for Bachelor in Paradise Season 9, adding his expertise to guide the romantic journeys of the participants.
  2. When does the Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 finale air?The Season 9 finale is scheduled for Thursday, December 7, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Mark your calendars to witness the culmination of the season’s love stories and emotional twists.
  3. Can I stream Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?Yes, you can stream the new season on platforms like FuboTV and DirecTV Stream, offering flexibility for fans to catch the thrilling conclusion and stay updated on the relationships developed in the tropical paradise.
  4. Are there any engagements in Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?Yes, several engagements unfold in Season 9, including Aaron and Eliza’s heartfelt proposal, John Henry and Kat’s surprising engagement, and the return of fan favorites Kenny and Mari for a beach wedding.
  5. What challenges do Kylee and Aven face in Bachelor in Paradise Season 9?Kylee desires engagement, but Aven hesitates, leading to a heated discussion about their relationship’s future. The couple grapples with doubts and differences, raising concerns about the stability of their connection.

Get ready to relive the moments of love, drama, and surprise engagements in Bachelor in Paradise Season 9. Tune in to discover where your favorite couples are now and be part of their post-Paradise journey. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the thrilling Season 9 finale!

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