Balaji Murugadoss to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil this week with a red card for this reason!

by Glenn Maxwell

Balaji, who is a contestant around the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4, is continually stepping into challenge with each one of the contestants. Through the competition, he’s been routinely stating that what he’s doing is appropriate which if anybody asks him about this, he’ll agree.

Thus, although many from the contestants are angry about his behavior, he’s support from Samyukta, Gabby, and Shivani.

Within this situation, he’d a confrontation with Sanam Shetty within the last episode. Then, he scolded her by having an inappropriate word. Balaji also stated that Sanam had made a spinal manipulation and won the wonder pageant.

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Sanam authored relating to this issue within an article written to complete the job of resolving the issue. This scene was featured within the promo videos. But Vijay TV has deleted this promo video because of debate.

After this, reports happen to be going viral on the web that Bigg Boss intends to give Balaji a red card and evict him in the house as comments against Balaji Murugadoss are distributing on social networking.

However, others state that Balaji won’t be expelled because he is presently the TRP King for that Bigg Boss show. It remains seen what’s going to take place in the existence of Kamal a few days ago, and maybe there is a dual elimination a few days ago.


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