Benefits of Becoming a Home Inspector!

by Glenn Maxwell

When someone is buying or selling property, it is important that it undergoes a thorough inspection. This helps to ensure that the homeowner isn’t unknowingly selling a home that has a plethora of problems as well as to help new buyers avoid buying a lemon of a house. For this, the people involved in the transaction must hire home inspectors. There is a wide variety of benefits to becoming an inspector for buyers and sellers.

You Are Providing Valuable Service To People

A  good home inspection can mean the difference between someone finding their dream home or a place they want to move out of as soon as they can sell it again. After you learn how to become a home inspector in Texas, you’ll be providing buyers with valuable information that helps them make good decisions with their money and for their families. When they are armed with an accurate condition of the home, they can negotiate with the sellers for having items fixed or to pay a lower price.

You Can Be Your Own Boss

Most home inspectors make their own schedules. This means that you can be your own boss and won’t need to manage employees, either. Do you have an important medical procedure to take care of? Take as much time off work as you need. Keep your weekends free for spending with your family, go on family vacations when you need, and generally keep a schedule that works for you, since you’ll be the one in charge of what you do and when you do it.

You’ll See New Homes Every Day

Many people get tired of seeing the same four walls every day when they go to work. As a home inspector, you never need to worry about that. You’ll be in multiple new homes per week, enjoying the unique architecture, different landscaping, and a variety of neighborhoods or towns in your area. Along the way, you may even stop for lunch and find a new restaurant or two that you love. There are scenery benefits all around.

It Doesn’t Cost Much To Get Started

If you want to be your own boss but don’t have a ton of startup capital to start your own business, then becoming a home inspector may be an excellent choice for you. Typically, you need to get a license (it costs $120 in Texas), will need a tablet, the right reporting software, a few tools, and some marketing materials. You may need $1,000 or so to start up, but since many home inspectors make up to $100,000 in their first year, your investment will pay for itself many times over once you get started in the field.

You Can Start Your Career Quickly

It doesn’t take long to become a home inspector. A comprehensive training program and applying for your license typically only takes a few months, whereas most careers require at least four years of college. If you begin a program for becoming a home inspector in January, your career could be in full swing by the end of the year.

The Industry Is Steady

Real estate transactions are always taking place, which means that people will always need someone to inspect their homes. Whether the market is booming or not, people will still be selling their homes. In addition, homes that are foreclosed on or have been repossessed will also need home inspectors, which means there is never a shortage of need for those in the industry.

You Can Turn It Into a Full-Fledged Business

While many people like to work alone, you can always decide to hire employees. When you have people who are helping you do the work, you can take on more inspections, work from home while others perform them, and generally bring in a higher income.

Home inspection is an excellent way to show off your love for architecture and what goes on “behind the scenes” in a home sale process. Find a reputable place to get your home inspector education and you’ll soon be on your way to a new career.

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