Best 24 Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow

by Carter Toni

Before you start any new business or service, one important task is to find the right audience.  It is not an easy task and so there is need of a global marketplace where you can get the target audience. But the question is how to find marketing methods that can reach more customers? The only answer which will help to know more about your customers without investing much money in Digital Marketing.

Today there are many digital marketing tools, which will not only promote but also make easy to manage the campaign. These tools are using different techniques, which can help to get a good result and high performance. So, below is the list of some digital marketing tools, which are very useful for growth.

Apart from these marketing tools, you also need to maintain informative digital marketing dashboards that help get a better insight into your business metrics, customers, their buying habits, likes, preferences, etc. And, for getting one such analytics dashboard, you need to contact an expert like “Marketing Reports” that helps create such virtual dashboards for measuring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which makes business decisions and marketing easy.

Engaging visuals is important to connect better with your audience. Colorcinch is an intuitive photo editor that lets you craft stunning visuals that are social media ready. You can crop, resize, enhance your photos, and make their colors pop. You can play around with its library of icons, masks, and overlays to personalize your photos. With its AI-powered photo effects and editing tools, designing graphics can be done with just a few clicks.

1.    Moz

This offers both paid and free SEO tools, which can be useful for all big and small business. Moz also has keyword research tools, backlink tool and many more, which can help to get traffic in online marketing. People who are willing to work on SEO can opt for Moz, as it also has Chrome Plugin, which can check the standard of any page.

2.    HubSpot

Inbound marketers will find HubSpot as one of the efficient tools for marketing. It gives an option to avail service at free of cost which means even small business can use this digital marketing tool. HubSpot is used for different purposes like email marketing, blogging and many other such platforms. This tool also comes with Key Performance Indicator at the dashboard itself to view performance.

3.    SocialBee

There is a different type of digital marketing tool, which can be used in one or other way. But when it is about some all in one tool SocialBee is best among all. Content is an important part of marketing and so this tool can easily divide the content as required. SocialBee allows posting content directly on a social media platform and even giving the option to import blogs. SocialBee can handle follower growth, content management and also help to connect with customers.

4.    SEMRush

SEMRush is one of the tools which is best for digital marketing. It is mainly working on SEO and so uses SEO techniques and even audit backlink. It means this tool will able to handle your SEO workflow which is important for online marketing. This tool can also offer other services such as social media marketing, pay per click and even content.

5.    Canva

Researchers have proved that customers are more interested in products, which they can see rather than reading. This means visual marketing has also become an important part of digital marketing and it can easily influence customers. Canva is one such tool that comes with visual marketing and includes photo filters and many more. It can help to create a picture or even background images that can enlighten your product or services.

Canva provides images, which are compatible with different social media network and thus make it easy to increase the potential audience.

6.    Linkio

Link building is very important wheel going for digital marketing but it is not an easy task. So, using Linkio you can easily work on link building for your website and also carry out some of the best SEO plans. It also includes backlink crawler and index checker, which works to get traffic to your website and thus help to increase potential customers. Linkio makes it easy to set anchor text percentage for your site.

7.    OptinMonster

It is one of the best email subscriber tools which is been used on a large scale by WordPress bloggers and even website owners. It comes with an easy and user-friendly interface, which makes email communication quite easy.

8.    ThriveCart

If you are having some e-commerce website and are worried about payment management, opt for ThriveCart. It is one of the best tools, which can give high performance and can increase upselling.

9.    AgoraPulse

Social media marketing is an important part of digital marketing but in many situations, it becomes tough to manage it. Go for AgoraPulse where you can find it easy to manage all your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other such accounts. It is very important to have the track on social media activates and so AgoraPulse help to measure all your activities on the social media platform. To stay communicated with audiences it will help to have quizzes and competitors for them.

10.    Traackr

Today there are different marketing strategy which is working good one of which is Influence marketing. It will help to bring awareness regarding products and services, which would indirectly help to increase sales. Traackr is one such tool that can find an influencer and go for analysis based where they would know about the interest of influencer. Thus, you can manage the relationship with influencers and thus make your brands work out according to them. It will increase customers who are interested in your services and goods.

11.    Google Keyword Planner

If you are looking out for some free tool to work on keywords for your site go for Google Keyword Planner. It would make easy to find a keyword, which would help to increase performance and traffic. This keyword research is very essential when you are working on AdWords campaign and thus using this tool will increase performance.

12.    Feedly

Content is an important part of digital marketing and so Feedly gives you an option where you can save and even upload content to social sharing platform from Feedly interface. It is very important to stay in the market and so this content organization tool allows to read content blogs and other such sites.

13.    Hotjar

Website traffic will help to increase audiences for your business. But to manage them it is important to understand their behaviour. Hotjar is one such tool that can help to give information regarding scroll maps, click maps and heat maps. Feedback polls are in trend today and so this tool gives feedback on it, which will help to know more about your visitors and thus help to make changes accordingly.

14.    Google Analytics

When we talk about digital marketing one tool, which is must for everyone, is Google Analytics. Marketing is all about targeting customers and so it is very important to understand them. Google Analytics will help to track users and the way they are engaged with your site.

It can give different reports, which will have details regarding visitors to your site. This information would include regarding marketing channel and thus using all such details, you can make required changes to increase sales.

15.    ConvertKit

Bloggers and website owner always try to target online audience through communication. This will help to stay connected with customers and try to work things in the right way. So, ConvertKit comes with email-marketing automation where you can find the best sign up forms for customers. It also gives an option where you can reply to the mail and which would help to increase your customers.

16.    Lumen5

Visual marketing is more in demand and so Lumen5 uses AI to create blogs from the content. Yes, now it is possible to create videos for your products and services from the article content. Lumen5 uses techniques, which will help to find images related to content and then finally convert into videos.

17.    Todoist

Todoist is one of the best tools that can help to maintain projects easily. It also has a drag and drops feature, which will be useful to add something new in list rearing project.

It is considered a to-do list app where you can manage project easily and sign task to other members based on task listed. This would make easy to manage and collaborate among the team who are working on the same project.

18.    Buzzsumo

It is very important to have an eye on your competitors to stand in the market. Buzzsumo is one such tool, which will maintain track of keywords, competitors and even brand. It is one of the best tools, as it will help to give you information regarding the most shared content related to keywords. This will help you to create and share content accordingly.

19.    EngageBay

Today different tools are being used to among online business and it is not an easy task. So, to get rid of such chaos go for EngageBay which will help to manage all your marketing, sales and other important services. It has an integrated platform, which will make easy to manage the business and thus help to work on different factors.

It is considered as one of the best business tools that will make easy to manage the business and save your money and time. It also has email marketing along with sales charts and live chat functionality. It is all in one tool that can make management easy for everyone.

20.    Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest can help to find new keywords, which are related to your main keyword. People who are finding it quite difficult to create a blog with the main keyword can use other keywords to create effects post. This tool can reduce the difficulty, which is faced while creating new content for awareness of the brand. It would also give search volume of the related keywords so you can create content effectively.

21.    Animoto

It is one of the tools in the digital marketing world, which mainly stresses on visual marketing. Customers are getting more attracted to visual presentation and so Animoto uses slideshow presentation which includes music, videos and other text effects to create presentation This type of eye seeking slide show can really have a positive impact on the mind of customers and thus help to work on the market.

22.    Brand24

Keywords are very important for getting traffic to your website. But to make it possible keywords play an important role and so Brand24 monitors keywords which are related to your business. Moreover, it will also give information regarding keywords, which are being used by competitors while marketing through the social media platform.

23.    Zapier

Digital marketing involves many different tasks one of which is to connect with online services. Zapier is one of the best digital marketing tools that can help in automating marketing task, which will help to get a good number of customers. It will make easy to take action based on online services.

24.    pCloud Collaboration is an important task when working on big projects, which means there is a need for a cloud storage platform. PCloud is one of the best platforms, which can make easy to store files and documents on the cloud and give access only to a person who has rights to access it. It will make easy to collaborate with other team members and also take daily backup f information. These tools are mainly used by a company who is offering content writing service.

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