Best Android Casino Apps & Games 2022!

by Glenn Maxwell

With more and more technological advancements, things are becoming more compact and convenient. Now you can enjoy your favorite free play casino games from the comfort of your home without having to go to land-based casinos. While the experience may differ, the thrill you’d get from play is almost the same. These are now available for download on Android devices. The only downside to some of these casinos is that they do not have offers for real money gambling.

Android Casino Apps

Simply put, a casino android app is a mobile gaming application designed to look and feel like an actual casino. It’s malleable and may signify different things to different individuals. It’s something people do for fun or as a career path.

Finding top Android gambling apps to play real money casino games for Android may prove a difficult sport. The experts from a trustworthy and secure Casino Kingdom NZ have put together a compilation of the best choices in the Play Store.

Some of the top apps to play Android casino games for real money and download with the most attractive bonuses in 2022 include the following:

Wink Slots App

Casino Kingdom NZ

Wink Slots’ app has a high user rating on Google Play, with a 4.4 average rating based on 6,276 reviews and ratings. Wink Slots’ expert advice, clarifications, and apologies, when they’re warranted in response to every feedback made by users, are of great value.

The casino should live up to its reputation, considering it has over 100,000 downloads. It provides gamers with various slot games like Rainbow Riches and Starburst. The casino’s collection includes Favorites Jackpot and other top Progressive games.

888 Casino App

There is little doubt that this software is a popular option, as it has been downloaded over 500,000 times. With over 22 years of expertise, it’s only fair that this well-known casino provides its customers with a top-notch Android app. It has a 4.4 average rating from more than 15,500 votes cast, so gamers are unlikely to be dissatisfied. Those who are not sure how to choose online casino app, this is the best option.

Users without Android 8.0 or one of the following upgrades may face difficulties launching pages inside the application. Remember that the casino game staff is very active in responding to comments with helpful answers to users’ questions and complaints if you run into any issues while using the android casino app. The team at the online casino takes your questions very seriously.

PocketWin App

For those who enjoy playing using their smartphones, this is one of the best free online apps to play. It even runs on devices that use older versions of Android. The PocketWin Casino slots perform admirably as well as others with a great offering. Over 100,000 downloads prove its popularity among users and bring a steady stream of new gamers to the casino.

The app has several original titles to provide a more customized gaming experience. You won’t get tired of this app because the mobile casino updates it often with fresh slot games for the devices and provides gamers with special promotions like Extra Spins.

Android Casino Games

There may be a seemingly infinite supply of casino-style games available for users, such as roulette, poker, card games, free slots games, etc., but many are unsafe or poorly designed. Not all of them are of the quality you’re hoping for, and they might be filled with ads you can’t seem to avoid.

Some of the top casino gambling games we’ve found in the Google Play Store will be reviewed here. In addition, these casino Android apps won’t slow your phone’s performance, nor will they be inundated with advertisements. Here are some top 2022  games slots  that you can play.

Blackjack by Tripledot Studios

While there are certainly better blackjack games on Google Play, this one passes muster. The game is a standard blackjack variant, so don’t expect fancy extras. Even if they aren’t completely random, the probabilities appear rather favorable. The game features several possibilities to earn free chips, various bonuses, and straightforward controls. Even if the advertisements are excessive, they’re not that horrible compared to the quality of certain casino games

Mega Moolah

Noone can deny that Mega Moolah by Microgaming is one of the most popular casino games and the oldest of them all when it comes to Android slot games with life-changing jackpots. It still holds the Guinness World Record for the largest online payout. It is one of the most downloaded apps in the Play Store.

There are plenty of other free slot games the Mega Moolah series has to offer. This is one of the best casino slots game. It is distinguished from other slot machines by its enormous progressive jackpots and its above-average bonus round. You’d find very few issues with the game overall when you gamble in the hope of winning. Everything it sets out to accomplish, it succeeds brilliantly every time.

Casino Frenzy

In general, Casino Frenzy is like other free casino games. Slot machines and video poker games are available for your fun. While the app is entertaining at first, its limitations quickly wear thin. However, Casino Frenzy makes an effort to maintain its players’ attention by updating the selection of slot machines and video poker games regularly. Each hour, players receive a bonus that may be redeemed for free chips. There is no single-player mode, so if you want to play video poker, you’ll have to do it against an actual human being. Please remember that this game has no money involved or prizes up for grabs. It’s just a bunch of old-school Las Vegas pleasure.


Since Android is the most popular mobile operating system, more and more casino apps or gambling applications are being developed. In addition, using programs from less reputable platforms exposes you to a higher risk of security issues.

In this regard, the applications from Google Play tend to be less suspicious than others because the business attempts to check them. It is a more developer-friendly platform compared to IOS, which is why many casino applications have migrated to it. As a result, you will discover greater independence in certain programs, assuming you uncover apps that do not include malicious code or spin.

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