Best business ideas for beginners

by James Martin

Starting a business is hard work. Starting it for the first time? Even harder! But starting a business for the first time in India doesn’t have to be daunting. We don’t want you vaguely browsing through internet, spending time to know how to start a grocery store online or hardware shop. Hence we have curated a list of some of the most effective and realistic ideas that a beginner can look into. Click here to get more information. These ideas can be launched even without spending money as they do not require high investments. Moreover, this list is suitable for anyone whether you want to know about best business ideas in Delhi or Jaipur you will find something in it.

Low investments projects are good for beginners as there are lower monetary risks.

Here are some of the best business ideas for beginners in India and all of them will start with minimum experience

  1. Advertising agency

An advertisement agency or advertising agency is a company that sells and plans advertisements for clients. It is also called an ad agency or ad company. The company can be either privately owned or part of a large network, and its main purpose is to create and place ads in various media outlets.

As an advertising agency your agency will help in planning, creating and handling advertisements and crafting promotional requirements of clients. It is one of the best beginner ideas since it requires little to no investment and you can start it from your home or anywhere else.

  1. Catering Business

Providing food is one of the oldest businesses. And catering is one of them. Providing quality foods is a very good business idea when you have this as your main objective; but when you will add a quality service on top of it, and then you simply cannot go wrong.

  1. Courier or Delivery Services

Courier and Delivery service is one of the most profitable business ideas. No matter, if you are a budding entrepreneur or an existing businessman, there is always room for this idea. Courier companies deliver packages and documents from one place to another promptly. Investment ranges from 1 Lakh to 5 Lakh, and you can partner with a courier company to start the operation immediately.

  1. Child care services

Child care services are always in demand in cities. People prefer to find a professional child care services provider than offering this task to elder members of the family where everyone is engaged in their chores and can’t concentrate on taking care of the kids or is just not interested. You will need to find a suitable location and purchase toys and other equipment to begin offering child care services. So, this is one of the best businesses ideas for beginners.

  1. Home Cleaning

Home cleaning is one of the easiest businesses, to begin with. You can start the same even without prior experience. People are very busy with their work nowadays that they sometimes don’t find any time to keep their house clean. This is where you and your company come in. You will act as an intermediary between homeowners and their house cleaners, making sure that both parties are satisfied with the arrangement. The most important skill needed for this business is the ability to manage people.


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