These 7 Fashion Apps Will Help You Curate A Sustainable Wardrobe!

by Glenn Maxwell

Style Apps For Conscious Closets

In 2022, refreshing your wardrobe is as simple as obtaining your phone, and sustainable shopping has become merely a couple of swipes away! Regardless if you are searching for uplifting methods to style your present wardrobe, or you’re wishing to include newer and more effective pieces for your closet, these sustainable fashion apps have you ever covered.

1. Depop

  • Join the social marketplace where over 15M people arrived at buy, sell, and uncover unique finds.
  • Cost Liberated to Download

Why We Like It If you are somebody that is continually asking other people where they were given their athletic shoes or shades from (guilty!), then Depop may be the application for you personally. It’s like having the ability to buy clothes in the coolest people you’re friends with. Regardless if you are searching for original ideas from some creative minds or searching to purchase or sell new attire, try searching Depop for your forthcoming unique find.


2. Stylebook

  • Get the most from your closet-for that cost of the latte or gossip magazine, you might have a closet assistant for existence!
  • Cost $3.99

Why We Like It Organization is essential to building your wardrobe. Getting the choice to see all your clothes and discover style inspiration in your own closet is the simplest way to become both sustainable and classy. With Stylebook, you are able to upload your closet and have fun with new outfit ideas. The application is ideal for refreshing your wardrobe without buying anything new, which we’re always for.


3. Rent the Runway

  • Imagine walking to your dream closet full of thousands and thousands of pieces.
  • Cost Liberated to Download

Why We Like It I’m somebody that always uses a change for each occasion. But following the ‘gram has witnessed it, these pieces I momentarily loved die off within my closet. Rent the Runway is giving a much better existence to clothing. The application enables endless rental options to look great with no guilt of hanging onto pieces you’ll never put on again. From high-finish brands to everyday put on, cut costs, and breathe new existence into each bit.


4. Save Your Valuable Wardrobe

  • Save Your Valuable Wardrobe’s mission would be to streamline Sustainable Coping with an electronic wardrobe platform.
  • Cost Liberated to Download

Why We Like It Save Your Valuable Wardrobe is really a new application dedicated to keeping the clothes in tip-top condition (we’re all responsible for ignoring the concern instructions on clothes). By sourcing dry cleaning and repair services, the sustainability-driven application helps you take care of your clothes, which makes them last much longer.


5. Le Tote

  • Rental can change the way in which your shop forever. Put on all of the clothes you select without any commitment.
  • Cost Liberated to Download

Why We Like It Le Tote is yet another rental clothing option we like-we especially love this app’s maternity rental options. Stay stylish while coming back and renting new clothing while you change sizes. Le Tote can also be ideal for formal put on, business attire, and everyday clothes.


6. Grailed

  • A curated peer-to-peer industry for new and gently worn luxury menswear with secondhand pieces and unbeatable prices.
  • Cost Liberated to Download

Why We Like It Grailed is really a vintage and resale site for menswear, whether you’re searching to maintain the present trends or sell the clothes you will no longer put on. This peer-to-peer application could keep your desire to have new styles away, so that you can have reassurance that you could reuse and recycle.


7. 30 Wears

  • Lower your ecological impact-put on your clothes many buy less!
  • Cost Liberated to Download

Why We Like It An easy but significant concept, 30 Wears is really a community-driven application encouraging its users to put on clothes a minimum of thirty occasions before replacing. This application is simple to use, simply upload your clothes and tag a product any time you put on it. Any excuse to accomplish challenging and I’m there! Hopefully, we all can be aware of putting on the clothing we already own before shopping new.


The other ways have you ever produced a far more sustainable wardrobe? Be part of your comments ought to!

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