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Flowers are for sure a beautiful addition to our homes, weddings and any kind of special event, However, the fact is that all the flowers have some meaning attached to their name and colors.

Flowers come in real effective when you want to send a message of love to your near ones or for someone special. You can easily let people know how much you admire them by sending them flowers. Whatever you want to say, however hard it seems, say it with those adorable flowers whatever want to express.

Here are some of the flowers which strongly convey a message of love and care for your special one.


Purple colored vibrant lilacs represent the initial stages of love or love at first, hence they are a perfect gift for newly formed couples. The one who gets lilacs from you is sure to recall your bouquet every time she smells lilacs around her, and on every spring while lilac shrubs start blooming. We have a host of brightly colored Lilacs for you to choose from. Get your hands on a beautiful bouquet of lilacs using our flower delivery services.



Sunflowers are the symbolic version of longevity, adoration, and love. These flowers remind people of cheerful faces, and when they grow, they follow the sun, teaching us the important lesson, to follow the shine, come what may in life. Sunflowers are easily available here, and you can easily choose from us. It will be a very special gift for your sweetheart. Visit our Bradenton FL florist to explore all the floral products we have and buy your favorite ones.


These flowers are sometimes difficult to find for people. Camellias generally grow in the form of shrubs in warmer regions, and they are hard to locate as a cut flower, because they are quite fragile. These romantic flowers are absolutely adorable and look similar to roses. Just like the roses, they have different meanings depending on their color. Red camellias reveal the fact that “you’re a flame for my heart”, pink symbolize longing and missing your love, and white say “you’re adorable to me”. We have camelias for you to gift your darling on the day of love to say how much he/she means to you.

Flower gift


Roses are the most hyped for when it comes to romantic flowers. Gifting someone a rose, especially a red one- means “I am in love with you” or “our love is for the long run”. Generally, these little adorable gems are available in a host of vibrant and bright colors such as purple, red, white, and other bi-colors. You got to send your special one a rose if you want them to know how much you love them.


Stock is another highly recommended flower that symbolizes love and surely leaves a lasting impression on your loved one. Stock clearly implies “you’ll be beautiful to me forever” and represents perfect bonds of affection. Stock is often available in a rainbow of colors and is a common flower to be used in bouquets. The wonderful clove fragrance from the flower can both fill up a room and a lover’s heart.

Red Chrysanthemums

Red chrysanthemums symbolize the eternal line “I love you” in a plain and simple way. These beauties make very pretty cut flowers and are widely used in bouquets. They last for quite some time, similar to true love. Just as the roses, these flowers are available in different bright colors. According to many people, the varying colors of the flower implicate different meanings for each other. They must be on your list as one of the flowers that symbolizes love. Explore all our products directly from our website.

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