Best Japanese used cars for sale in Malawi

by Carter Toni

As we all are acquainted with how worthy Japanese used cars are, the vehicles in Malawi havea decent reputation around the state. Malawi imported approximately 5,100 vehicles from Japan in 2020. Moreover, from 2019 to 2020, Japan exported about 11,712 cars to Malawi – it was worth USD 49.81 million.

Furthermore, the quality and excellent performance of Japanese used card Malawi significantly impacts sales. The question is, why do Malawi people love to drive Japanese used cars? Japanese cars are reliable, durable, maintained, and affordable. Moreover, there are comprehensive collections of vehicles available in Japanese car auctions.

There are two common ways a customer can buy a car from Japan: one is from Japanese auction and theother from exporters. Both are suitable ways.

This blog will mention the best Japanese used cars in Malawi below. Let’s dive into it.


The Japanese Daihatsu is one of the finest car brands in Japan. The Daihatsu MIRA is also known as Cuore, Domino, and Charade. The Daihatsu Mira is manufactured by Daihatsu.

It is a KEI car. Furthermore, the Daihatsu Mira has the bulk of options and varieties of chassis. They currently have four models available, which are mentioned further below.

  1. Mira
  2. Mira AVY
  3. Mira Gino
  4. Mira Van

Moreover, in all of these, Mira is the most successful one. The car has more than 800 CC or 1000 CC engines outside Japan.


Toyota SIENTA is a complete family car withseven passengers at a time. Moreover, the vehicle has sliding doors and a smooth driving experience. It is one of the most valued vehicles on our list. You’ll be amazed to know that the car is bulletproof; the credit goes to the Toyota engineers.

The interior of the car is pretty much basic, but it is one of the specialties of Toyota SIENTA. Moreover, the vehicle is less expensive and easy to maintain.

Toyota Corolla AXIO

The Toyota Corolla AXIO has an excellent reputation around Malawi. It is the tenth version of the Toyota Corolla AXIO. Not only Malawi but Toyota Corolla AXIO is also famous all around the globe. The interior of the Toyota Corolla is splendid, but the exterior also comes in to play the role.The fog headlights of this car allow the user to see the translucent road or surface. In addition, it is the most valued Japanese used car Malawi.


Mazda is the top brand of Japanese, and their cars are also recommendable worldwide. What attracts the consumer is the vehicle’s reliability, and Mazda DEMIO comes in that circle. The car is pretty affordable and has an excellent reputation around Japan. The car is mechanically perfect and has a good grip on cut corners. Moreover, the third generation DEMIO had won the World Car of the Yeartitle in 2008.


There are many reasons why people prefer Japanese used carsin Malawi. The notable thing is that there is no inspection needed and no tax when a buyer imports a vehicle from Japan to Malawi. In a nutshell, cars are much more affordable and reliable.

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