Best places to buy and sell houses in Lahore

by Carter Toni

Lahore has always been the most sought-after place to live in Pakistan. With the vast development of infrastructure, the real estate market of Lahore is rapidly evolving. There are a lot of best places to buy and sell houses in Lahore. If you are looking for a house for sale in Lahore, this is the perfect blog  for you.

The urban landscape and development of Lahore have made it extremely popular among genuine buyers and sellers. People seeking to buy or sell their houses have multiple options in the best vicinity of Lahore.

These societies provide the latest amenities for a quality lifestyle.

If you’re planning to live in a city full of luxuries and facilities, then Lahore is the city for you. The overall real estate state structure of Lahore consists of state-of-the-art housing societies and well-planned high-rise buildings.

Here are some of the best places to buy and sell houses in Lahore.

Serial # Housing Scheme Location Price Ranges
01 DHA Lahore Lahore Ring Road 70 Lacs – 17 Crores
02 Bahria Town Multan Road 85 Lacs – 7 Crores
03 Wapda Town Raiwind Road 72 Lacs – 6 Crores
04 Johar Town Thokar Niaz Baig 80 Lacs – 9 crores
05 Valencia Town Raiwind Road/ Ring Road Lahore 70 Lacs – 6 Crores
06 Model Town Ferozepur Road/ Canal Road 1 crore-10 crore

DHA Lahore:

Defense Housing Authority- DHA Lahore is one of Pakistan’s largest real estate societies. These societies were developed for the people having prestigious lifestyles. DHA provides all the essential amenities to the people living there. The infrastructure built there is modern and futuristic.

People from different parts of the country invest in the DHA Housing Scheme, Lahore.

It initially had 4 phases, and it is now extended to 8 phases.

DHA Phase 1.

DHA Phase 2

DHA Phase 3

DHA Phase 4

DHA Phase 5

DHA Phase 6

Defense Housing Authority, Lahore is ranked as preferable to live or invest in. It is considered a World Class project that consists of a massive variety of residential buildings. Buying a home is a dream for most people. DHA Society Lahore gives the highest returns on investment. For making a profitable income, you can look up houses for sale in DHA Lahore on 

Bahria Town, Lahore:

Bahria Town Lahore is one of Pakistan’s well-developed and futuristic housing schemes. After the success of Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Lahore’s Bahria witnessed a great triumph. It was inspired by Greco-Roman architecture and has majorly contributed to the real estate industry of Lahore.

Calling Bahria Town a city within a city won’t be wrong. The concept of Bahria town is to provide a luxurious life to the people living in Lahore and its neighbouring areas. With all the amenities it offers, it is considered one of the best places to reside in. Not only rewarding investors and genuine buyers, but it also comes up with employment opportunities for the people of Lahore.

The society is developed and managed by Bahria Town Private Limited. After the completion of Bahria Town, the prices of the properties shot up by 3x, making it the highest ROI for investors. Even today, properties there are highly in demand and are observed as lucrative and profitable investments. If you look upon the property listings, you can find multiple houses for sale in Bahria Town Lahore.

Wapda Town Lahore:

Wapda Town Lahore is a developed and well-maintained society in Lahore. It consists of parks, hospitals, educational institutes, and modern residential properties. These features make it one of the preferable places to live in.

Wapda Town Lahore has multiple investment opportunities for local and overseas investors. The real estate products of the society have been in demand constantly since the day it was formed. You can find multiple houses under the listing of

  • Houses for sale in Wapda Town Lahore.
  • House for rent in Wapda Town Lahore.
  • Plot for sale in Wapda Town Lahore.

Johar Town Lahore:

The town is named after Muhammad Ali Johar, a well-known political figure in Pakistan’s history. Located on Canal Road, the society has 17 blocks from A-R. Situated in a prime location, the society provides all the essential amenities to its inhabitants.

Johar Town Lahore is a perfect example of what a high-end society looks like. It comes under the jurisdiction of the Lahore Development Authority – LDA.

It is the most affluent residential society ranging from modern residential houses to state-of-the-art commercial properties in Lahore. Due to its posh locality, the properties there are relatively higher than other parts of the city.

Johar Town is considered as one dream place to reside in. It has been the top choice for buyers and sellers. The facilities it provides leave no option for the people not to make it a priority choice. You can easily find properties for buying and selling purposes under the listing of

  • Houses for Sale in Johar Town Lahore
  • House for rent in Johar Town Lahore
  • Plot for sale in Johar Town Lahore

Valencia Town Lahore:

The demand for properties in the City is increasing every day. People look for nothing but convenience. Valencia Town Lahore is one of the master-planned housing societies in Lahore. The society is situated opposite the Wapda Town on Defense Road. It provides top-notch lifestyle solutions to the people residing in it.

The society is known for its lush green spaces in every residential block. Valencia Housing Society is nothing but the best place for people ready to move in.

All the construction work in the town has been completed, and the development has been done. There are multiple houses for sale in Valencia Town under the listing of

  • Houses for Sale in Valencia Town Lahore
  • Houses for rent In Valencia Town Lahore
  • Plot for sale in Valencia Town Lahore

Model Town Lahore:

Model Town is one of the upscale localities of Lahore. It is one of the oldest and fully developed societies in Lahore. The locality comes under the jurisdiction of the Lahore Development Authority- LDA.

Having an area of 1,463 acres, the society is divided into ten blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. It provides its residents with all the amenities of life. Model town Lahore is commonly referred to as “New Lahore”.

Located in the centre of the city, this society is considered the most desired place. The properties here are deemed to have the highest ROI. This locality has one of the biggest family parks of Lahore, having a zoo, pond, 3kms long jogging track, and more.

The model town is home to many hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities. It provides all the necessities and has a vast commercial area. To live a luxurious and effortless life buying a house in Model Town Is perfect.

So, this is a concise yet informative list of the best places to buy and sell houses in Lahore. Go through the blog and choose the society best suited for you. To know more about the house for sale in Lahore and House for rent in Lahore, visit the Graana blog.

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