Best Ways to Remove Page Numbers in Microsoft Word!

by Glenn Maxwell

Our lesson today is all about removing page figures from the document in Word. Listed here are a couple of approaches to remove page figures out of your Ms Word document:

How you can Remove all Page Figures in Word

Scroll lower to option 4 if you’d like to get rid of page figures from specific pages. You’ll find a reason there.

If, however, what for you to do is eliminate all of the page figures out of your document, these options are highlighted below for the consideration. Check out videoforwhatsapp for additional such methods.

Remove Page Figures in the Footer or Header

It is simple to remove page figures that way. The procedure takes under five seconds. It really works both on Home windows and Mac.

Note: When removing all of the page figures out of your document, this is actually the approach to use. If you want, however, to get rid of the page figures from page one and maybe even the very first three pages, start to another section (Option 4).

Listed here are the steps, without further ado:

The page number are available in the header or footer. Should you double-click that area, the header and footer sections will end up editable.

Double-click on the page number within the footer.

Right-click can also be a choice. Select Edit Footer to help make the footer editable.

The page number should certainly be highlighted. To delete it, press the Delete key. This don’t have to be the first page. Any page from the document could be deleted.

You might now exit the Footer and Header sections by pressing the Esc key.

Just one deletion of among the page figures can lead to the deletion of each and every page number within the document.

Note: There may be page figures on a few of the pages, meaning your document is split into sections with a page break. To get rid of all of the page figures for the reason that section, delete among the page figures for the reason that section.

Take away the Footer in MS Word

Pages are numbered in Microsoft Word’s Headers and Footers. So, the Headers and Footers from the pages are deleted along with the information they contain.

Note: When there’s not one other content inside your headers or footers (like a Letter Mind), this can be used approach. All of your headers and footers must have may be the page figures.

Here are the steps to follow along with:

Locate the section that contains the page figures. There’s a webpage number at the end from the page within the footer. A webpage number can also be found towards the top of each page within the header.

By navigating towards the Insert tab, take away the footers when the page figures come in the footers.

To get rid of the footer, click Footer after which Remove Footer.

Visit the Insert tab to get rid of the Headers when the page figures are based in the Headers.

The page figures will also be deleted after taking out the Footers and Headers out of your document. Page figures could be placed again anytime.

Use Remove Page Figures Command

In the last options, page figures are merely removed as shortcuts.

In Ms Word, you are able to remove page figures with only a couple of clicks utilizing a built-in command.

This command can be used follows:

Choose Page Number in the Insert tab underneath the Header & Footer section. Click on the Shortcuts button. Click on the Remove Page Figures button.

You need to now have the ability to remove your page figures out of your document with only a couple of clicks.

Note: Failing of the method signifies the page figures were joined straight into an area instead of with the Insert Page Figures menu. If this sounds like the situation, try among the other methods formerly described.

Remove Page Number from First Page

We simply demonstrated you three techniques to remove all of the page figures out of your Word document in the last three sentences.

The page figures, however, don’t show up on page one on most documents and formal reports. You aren’t alone if this sounds like the situation inside your situation.

Ms Word offers two means of removing page figures from page one. One way is by using the various First Page command. Another involves dividing page one into sections. In this manner, page one could be deleted without having affected another pages.

Different First Page Instructions

  • If you don’t want a multi-section document, then you need to omit page one numbering by using these steps:
  • Page one of the Ms Word document ought to be numbered.
  • The Footer section could be edited by double clicking. A recently-introduced Tab labeled
  • Header and Footer contains all of the Header and Footer instructions.
  • In the Header and Footer tab, select Different Page Number
  • Distinct First Page in the drop-lower menu.
  • Page one number will appear reduced if this choice is selected.

The next steps may also make the same results:

  • Choose the Layout or Page Layout tab.
  • Within the Page Setup category, click on the Page Setup launcher.
  • You need to begin to see the Page Setup dialog box.
  • Design tab can look when you click it.
  • Look into the box labeled Different first page underneath the Headers and Footers section.
  • After clicking OK, the alterations is going to be applied.
  • Should you click OK, your Word document won’t possess a page number on page one.
  • That way, you are able to take away the first page’s page number.

Note: The 2nd page will begin numbering from 2 when the page number continues to be effectively taken off page one. Although the first page continues to be hidden, it’s still counted.

So, you’ll be able to set the numbering to begin at zero () if that’s an issue for you personally. This way, page one is going to be zero (), that is already hidden. Around the second page, the first page can look.

Use Page Break

Breaking page one from all of those other pages may also be completed with the break section command. In so doing, you won’t modify the other pages once you delete the first.

However, if page one isn’t separated, all of the pages is going to be deleted, whether or not just the page number is deleted.

Note: Besides removing page figures for page one of the document, you may also remove page figures from song of the document applying this technique

The next steps are outlined without further ado:

The insertion pointer can look at the end of page one whenever you click it.

Click the Breaks tab when you’re around the Page Layout or Layout tab. Select Next.

On page one, a piece break is going to be placed. Around the second page, the brand new section will start.

There’s now another section for page one in the rest. However, it’s not yet completely separated.

Disconnect Page One in the Rest

Visit the second page. To edit the footer, click it two times. Additionally, you will begin to see the headers and footers tabs.

By clicking the hyperlink to Previous command around the Header and Footer tab, you are able to unlink the 2nd page from page one.

Visit the first page now. Take away the page number.

Double-click within the header or footer place to take away the page number from page one.

Click the number. Then click Delete.

Now, page one number is taken away without deleting the rest of the ones.


You will be able to solve any difficulty concerning how to remove page figures in Ms Word by carefully following a steps in this article. For additional clarifications, you are able to mention your trouble in the comments section below.

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