Big Khris Middleton Injury Update, A Comeback Story!

by Moore Martin

Big Khris Middleton Injury Update

In the world of professional basketball, few names resonate as powerfully as Big Khris Middleton, the star player for the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA. Middleton’s journey has been marked by triumphs and challenges, particularly concerning injuries that threatened to derail his career. In this article, we delve into Khris Middleton’s remarkable comeback, his contributions to the Bucks, and what the future holds for this basketball sensation.


The journey of Big Khris Middleton in the NBA is a testament to resilience, talent, and dedication. In this article, we take a deep dive into his career, his recent injury setbacks, and his remarkable return to form.

A Promising Start

James Khristian Middleton, known to fans as Big Khris, was born on August 12, 1991, in Charleston, South Carolina. His early years were marked by a passion for basketball, which he displayed prominently during his time at Porter-Gaud School. As a standout player, he earned accolades and helped lead his high school team to the state title game.

Injury Woes

Despite his early promise, Khris Middleton faced his share of challenges, particularly in the form of injuries. During the previous season, he struggled with various injuries, limiting his playing time to just 33 regular-season games and a few playoff matches. In these games, his statistics, while respectable, were a far cry from his potential, averaging 15.1 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 4.9 assists per game. The nadir of his injury troubles came when he had to undergo knee surgery during the summer.

Signs of Recovery

The silver lining emerged as Middleton began actively practicing with his team, participating in full 5-on-5 games. This development signified a steady recovery from his injuries. The 2022 season showcased Middleton’s resurgence, with impressive statistics that included averaging 20.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.2 steals per game.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ Aspirations

The Milwaukee Bucks are banking on Middleton’s return to form and good health to fuel their pursuit of an NBA championship. This aspiration is further bolstered by the acquisition of Damian Lillard in a significant trade, strengthening their championship ambitions. Middleton’s presence on the court is vital to their success, given his remarkable skill set and proven track record.

Who is Big Khris Middleton?

James Khristian Middleton, known as Big Khris, is a prominent NBA player, representing the Milwaukee Bucks. Born on August 12, 1991, in Charleston, South Carolina, Middleton has established himself as a three-time NBA All-Star, a testament to his status as one of the league’s premier players.

Full Name James Khristian Middleton
Born 12 August 1991 (age 32 years), Charleston, South Carolina, United States
NBA Debut 2012 (Detroit Pistons)
Current Team Milwaukee Bucks
Position Power forward, Small forward
NBA All-Star Three-time NBA All-Star
NBA Championships 2021 (with the Milwaukee Bucks)
Salary (2023) $3.79 crores USD
Height 2.01 meters (6 feet 7 inches)

Early Life

Growing up in a basketball-oriented family, with a cousin who played in the NBA and another in college basketball, Middleton’s early life was steeped in the sport. His standout performances during his high school years set the stage for a successful college basketball career.

The Journey to the NBA

Drafted into the NBA in 2012 by the Detroit Pistons, Middleton initially faced limited playing time during his rookie season. However, his fate changed when he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks in 2013. In Milwaukee, he began to shine, steadily evolving into a crucial player for the team.

Middleton’s Impactful Career

Over the years, Middleton’s contributions to the Milwaukee Bucks were invaluable. His scoring prowess and versatility earned him three NBA All-Star selections and played a pivotal role in helping the Bucks clinch their first NBA championship in 50 years in 2021. Middleton’s resilience and skills have made him a highly respected figure in professional basketball.

Khris Middleton’s Biggest Stats

Year Team GP GS
2012–13 Detroit 27 0
2013–14 Milwaukee 82 64
2014–15 Milwaukee 79 58
2015–16 Milwaukee 79 79
2016–17 Milwaukee 29 23
2017–18 Milwaukee 82* 82*
2018–19 Milwaukee 77 77
2019–20 Milwaukee 62 59
2020–21† Milwaukee 68 68
2021–22 Milwaukee 66 66
2022–23 Milwaukee 33 19
Career 684 595
All-Star 3 0

The 2022 Season Resurgence

The 2022 season marked a turning point for Middleton as he made a triumphant return to form. His impressive statistics underscored his importance to the team and its championship aspirations.


1. What is the latest injury update on Big Khris Middleton?

The latest injury update on Big Khris Middleton indicates that he has been practicing in full 5-on-5 games, showing positive signs of recovery and returning to form after previous injuries.

2. Who is Big Khris Middleton?

Big Khris Middleton is a prominent NBA player known for his career with the Milwaukee Bucks, where he has earned multiple All-Star selections and played a vital role in their 2021 championship win.

3. What were Khris Middleton’s statistics in the 2022 NBA season?

In the 2022 season, Khris Middleton had impressive stats, averaging 20.1 points, 5.4 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 1.2 steals per game.

4. What are the Milwaukee Bucks’ hopes for Khris Middleton’s performance this season?

The Bucks are counting on Middleton’s return to full health and form to bolster their championship aspirations, especially following the acquisition of Damian Lillard in a major trade.

5. How did Khris Middleton’s college basketball career start?

Middleton played college basketball for the Texas A&M Aggies, earning second-team All-Big 12 honors during his sophomore season before declaring for the NBA draft in 2012.


Big Khris Middleton’s journey in the NBA has been nothing short of extraordinary. Overcoming injuries and setbacks, he has emerged as a key player for the Milwaukee Bucks, instilling hope and excitement among fans. As the Bucks aim for another championship, Middleton’s resilience and talent continue to shine brightly on the basketball court.

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