Bigg Boss 17 Buzz: Salman Khan’s Chalet and More!

by Moore Martin

Omung Kumar on Bigg Boss 17 host Salman Khan’s chalet

Hello, ardent fans of Bigg Boss! We understand that most of you are here to delve deeper into the details of Bigg Boss 17. This reality show has never failed to entertain us with its controversies, drama, love, fighting, friendships, and even breakups. With each season, it brings a fresh dose of entertainment. So, let’s explore what’s in store for the upcoming season of Bigg Boss 17.

Omung Kumar on Bigg Boss 17

As per recent reports, Bigg Boss 17 is all set to return to our television screens on 10th October 2023. This controversial reality show is known for its thrilling drama and this season promises to be no different. Once again, it’s our beloved Salman Khan who will be the host, ready to keep us entertained.

Omung Kumar, the renowned art director, has given the chalet a fresh new look. Although it’s been the same for the past couple of years, they’ve made some significant changes, redoing a few areas. We’ll be sharing more insights on this in the next section.

Behind the Scenes

According to Omung Kumar, bringing the fantasyland to life for the newest edition of the show was a Herculean task. Constructing a new decor for the house usually takes 60-70 days. However, due to the extension of the OTT season, they had a mere 45 days to complete the task. The team faced numerous challenges, with work not appearing to be on track. But they persevered, emphasizing the importance of getting the details right. This season, they’ve set up a whopping 110 cameras, and there’s the possibility of further additions in the future as per requirements.

The anticipation for the 17th season of Bigg Boss is reaching its peak. Fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s return. We’ve gathered all the details we could from various sources to bring you this article. Rest assured, if we get any further information, you’ll be the first to know right here. So, stay tuned for more exciting updates.

Now, if you’re itching to dive into all the Bigg Boss 17 action, keep an eye out for the show’s premiere on 10th October 2023. This season promises to be bigger, better, and more thrilling than ever before.

What’s New in Bigg Boss 17?

1. Salman Khan Returns: Our beloved host is back to entertain us.

2. Chalet Makeover: Omung Kumar has revamped the chalet.

3. Behind-the-Scenes Challenges: Discover the hurdles the team faced.


1. When does Bigg Boss 17 premiere?

– Bigg Boss 17 premieres on 10th October 2023.

2. Who is hosting Bigg Boss 17?

– Salman Khan will be the host, as always.

3. How long did it take to renovate the chalet this season?

– The renovation was completed in just 45 days due to an extended OTT season.

4. How many cameras are set up for this season of Bigg Boss?

– A total of 110 cameras are ready to capture all the action.

5. Where can I find more updates about Bigg Boss 17?

– Keep checking this site for the latest news and updates on the upcoming season.

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