May I Come In Madam 2 – October 23, 2023 Written Episode Update: Sajan Gets Into Trouble With Sanjana’s Gift!

by Moore Martin

May I Come In Madam 2 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update


The 23rd October 2023 episode of “May I Come In Madam 2” begins with a captivating storyline. Sajan, the protagonist, finds himself in an unexpected situation when he arrives at the office drenched in the pouring rain. Sanjana, his boss and a pivotal character, rushes to his aid, displaying genuine concern for his well-being. This episode takes an interesting turn, revealing a deeper connection between them.

Sajan’s Dilemma

As Sajan steps into the office, rain-soaked and disheveled, Sanjana rushes towards him, offering a towel and expressing her worry about his health. Sajan, dedicated to his work, explains the importance of reaching the office despite the rain. Sanjana’s genuine care for him becomes evident as she insists she can’t bear the thought of him falling ill. This marks a significant moment in their relationship.

A Touching Revelation

In a surprising turn of events, Sajan envisions an emotional scenario. He imagines Sanjana dancing to the tune of “Crazy Kiya Re” at his funeral, shedding light on his newfound perception of her concern. Overwhelmed, Sajan realizes that he has never experienced such care before.

Chedi’s Untimely Entry

Just as the moment between Sajan and Sanjana deepens, an unexpected interruption occurs. Chedi, another character in the series, enters the scene unannounced, disturbing the private moment. Sanjana, annoyed by his intrusion, scolds him for entering her cabin without knocking. She sternly reminds him to respect her privacy and to knock before entering.

The Dynamics at Play

Chedi questions the need to knock in his own office, leading to a clash with Sajan. Sanjana, however, intervenes, instructing Chedi to show respect to Sajan and address him as “Sajan ji.” This moment highlights the power dynamics and interpersonal relationships within the office.

A Gift of Affection

The story takes a romantic turn when Sanjana, still feeling shy from their earlier exchange, requests Sajan to join her during lunch break. On the way home, she surprises him with a thoughtful gift—a new shirt. She eagerly encourages him to try it on right there. Sajan, overwhelmed by her affection, agrees with excitement.

The Perfect Gift

Sajan swiftly dons the gifted shirt, and Sanjana’s approval further warms his heart. He compliments the shirt, attributing its perfection to the fact that a “pretty lady” chose it. This exchange between them radiates a sense of romantic tension and mutual attraction.

A Complex Situation

Returning home, Sajan is on edge, hoping to avoid Kashmira’s notice. However, Kashmira, his wife, keenly observes his unusual attire and questions him about the new shirt. Sajan tries to deflect her curiosity with a vague explanation, but Kashmira’s suspicions are aroused.

Kashmira’s Strategy

Kashmira recalls advice from Ramvati, leading her to employ sensual tactics to maintain control over her husband. She suggests having dinner together and spending quality time, setting the stage for an interesting dynamic between the married couple.

Sajan’s Secret Revealed

Sajan, meanwhile, shares his experiences with his friends, who are eager to learn the secret behind his newfound charm. They discover that Khiloni’s perfume is responsible for this change and eagerly request a spritz for themselves. Unexpectedly, Tetnis’s sister intervenes, leaving the group in shock.

A Frustrated Evening

Back at home, Kashmira dances seductively in front of Sajan, offering him a drink. However, his mood takes an unexpected turn, and he retires to bed, leaving Kashmira feeling frustrated and confused.

Daadi’s Arrival

The episode takes a supernatural twist as Daadi arrives, taking control of Sanjana’s body and punishing Sajan for his actions. This supernatural element adds a unique dimension to the storyline.

Office Shenanigans

The following day at the office, we witness comic situations when Rani attempts to flirt with Bhupesh, only to face his consistent rejection. Sajan observes the interaction and gets involved, leading to more comedic events.


The 23rd October 2023 episode of “May I Come In Madam 2” unfolds a complex web of relationships, emotions, and humor. From the blossoming connection between Sajan and Sanjana to the humorous office dynamics, the episode keeps the audience engaged with its intriguing storyline.


1. What is the significance of Sajan’s new shirt?

Sajan’s new shirt, gifted by Sanjana, signifies their deepening connection and mutual affection.

2. How does Kashmira react to Sajan’s behavior?

Kashmira becomes suspicious and attempts to regain Sajan’s attention using seductive tactics.

3. Who is Daadi, and how does she affect the story?

Daadi’s arrival in Sanjana’s body introduces a supernatural element, leading to unexpected consequences for Sajan.

4. What role do Sajan’s friends play in the story?

Sajan’s friends add humor to the narrative as they seek the secret behind his sudden charm.

5. What can viewers expect in the next episode?

Viewers can anticipate more comedic office situations and further developments in Sajan and Sanjana’s relationship.

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