120 hours movie

Director Bharathiraja has released a clip from the movie ‘120 hours’, that has Bigg Boss 3 Tamil contestant Sakshi Agarwal within the lead role.

Director N.T.Nanda directed the acclaimed film ‘Valladesam’. He’s presently directing the Hollywood film ‘120 hours’. Director Imayam Bharathiraja has released a clip from the film and it has given benefits to Nanda. In the congratulatory message, he stated, ‘Tamils ??who marvel at world cinemas are actually directing world cinemas’. Praising that director Nanda continues to be intimidated within the trailer, Bharathiraja has additionally given benefits to Sakshi Agarwal and Pranay Kaliyappan, who appeared within the film.

So when Bharatiraja spoken relating to this film, ‘The heartbeat of Tamils ??has become in Bigg Boss. Tamils ??are identifying everybody within the Bigg Boss house to be in their own homes. For the reason that sense, Sakshi Agarwal is popular not just among Tamils ??but additionally among Tamils ??around the globe. Nanda features her to Hollywood having seen the unbelievable talent of Sakshi Agarwal’s acting, altering the rule that just individuals in Bollywood can be employed in Hollywood. Sakshi Agarwal has stated that they hopes this introduction will require her one stage further within the movie.

The show also stars many Celebrities, including Paul Terry and Sean Crohn.

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