Bigg Boss 4 Tamil latest promo shows Suresh Chakravarthy eviction from Bigg Boss this week

by Glenn Maxwell

Who will be evicted this week from the Big Boss house? It’s revealed in today’s second promo. Archana, Aari, Sanam, Balaji, Som Sekar, Suresh, and Anita have already been nominated while Aari, Balaji, Anita, and Archana have been saved. Kamal Haasan announces that only one of the remaining three, Som, Sanam, and Suresh, will be leaving.

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Today’s promo ends with a few twists and turns in which Kamal Haasan shows the name of the evicted person printed on the card. In this situation, it was reported that Balaji was given a red card in the Bigg Boss show today and evicted. But it seems that Balaji was not given a red card, and only Suresh was evicted from the house based on low votes.

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Because it is noteworthy that Balaji is inside when Kamal announces the person leaving in this promo, it’s none other than Suresh Chakravarthy. Balaji was warned by Kamal Haasan not to speak unparliamentary words inside the house. We will have to wait and watch if Balaji stays inside the house or is eliminated.

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