Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7: October 8th, 2023 – Episode Recap and Highlights!!

by Moore Martin

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 8th October 2023

The excitement and drama continue to unfold in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7. In this episode, we witnessed several intriguing developments that kept the viewers hooked. Let’s dive into the highlights of what happened in the Bigg Boss house on October 8th, 2023.

Trouble in Jahannum House

The episode kicked off with a twist as Bigg Boss decided to stir things up. The beds from the Jahannum House were removed as part of Bigg Boss’ punishment. This decision left the contestants in a state of shock and discomfort.

Armaan, Kushal, and Asif’s Challenge

To make matters more interesting, Bigg Boss presented the Jahannum House inmates with a unique challenge. They were told that the bedding would be returned only if one of them agreed to spend the entire night in a cage placed outside the house. This challenge was accepted by Armaan, Kushal, and Asif.

Tanisha’s Brave Decision

Among the three contestants who volunteered for the challenge, it was Tanisha who displayed immense courage. She decided to stay with Armaan throughout the night in the cage, showing her unwavering support for her fellow contestant.

Armaan’s Restlessness

As the night progressed, Armaan’s patience started to wear thin. He grew restless and began questioning how long he had to wait for a response from Bigg Boss. Frustration got the better of him, leading to a verbal altercation with Asif.

Tanisha’s Determination

Tanisha, witnessing the escalating tension, took matters into her own hands. Frustrated by the lack of response from Bigg Boss, she decided to free Armaan from the cage. Her determination and loyalty to her co-contestant were evident for all to see.

Bigg Boss’ Decision

Later in the day, Bigg Boss summoned Armaan into the confessional and delivered a verdict. While Armaan had come close to completing the challenge, he had not succeeded entirely. Bigg Boss, however, gave him another chance to finish serving his sentence, keeping the suspense alive.

Luxury Budget Assignment

Bigg Boss then announced the commencement of the luxury budget assignment, known as “aamdani athhani, kharcha rupaiya.” In this task, the Jahannum-wasis were tasked with generating income. To make things more interesting, they had to pay for any commodities they needed from the Jannat-side, including food, drinkable water, and hot water for bathing.

A Unique Twist

The twist in this assignment was that the Jahannum-wasis also served as the bank, responsible for depositing the first 500 notes they printed with the jannat-wasis. Until they had deposited these notes, they couldn’t purchase food or other items, leaving them at the mercy of the heaven-mates.

Tanisha and Gauahar’s Discontent

As the luxury budget assignment began, tensions rose. The jannat-wasis refused to provide breakfast to Armaan and his fellow Jahannum-wasis, leading to displeasure among the contestants. Tanisha and Gauahar voiced their concerns, believing that the treatment they were receiving was unfair.

In conclusion, the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7, which aired on October 8th, 2023, was filled with drama, challenges, and unexpected twists. The resilience of the contestants, especially Tanisha and Armaan, was on full display. As the season progresses, it remains to be seen how these events will impact the dynamics within the house. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Bigg Boss house!


1. Q: Who volunteered to spend the night in the cage in the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7?

A: Armaan, Kushal, and Asif volunteered for the challenge, with Tanisha bravely deciding to stay with Armaan.

2. Q: Did Armaan successfully complete the challenge?

A: Armaan came close but did not succeed entirely. Bigg Boss gave him another chance.

3. Q: What was the name of the luxury budget assignment in this episode?

A: The luxury budget assignment was called “aamdani athhani, kharcha rupaiya.”

4. Q: Why were Tanisha and Gauahar displeased during the luxury budget assignment?

A: They were displeased because the jannat-wasis refused to provide breakfast to the Jahannum-wasis, which they considered unfair.

5. Q: What can viewers expect in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7?

A: Stay tuned for more drama, challenges, and surprises as the season unfolds!

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