Brandi Mathews Missing Update: What Really Happened to Brandi Mathews?

by Moore Martin

Brandi Mathews Missing Update

In the heartland of Osage Beach, Missouri, a perplexing and tragic story unfolded in 2006. Brandi Mathews, a 25-year-old mother and exotic dancer, disappeared while desperately trying to escape her abusive boyfriend, Kelly Simino. This article will delve into the details of Brandi Mathews’ mysterious disappearance and subsequent discovery, shedding light on the question that has haunted many: Was Brandi Mathews murdered?

The Troubled Relationship

Brandi Mathews, known by her stage name Faith, found herself entangled in a tumultuous relationship with Kelly Simino. As the abuse escalated, Brandi decided to take a stand for herself and her young son, Caleb, by filing a restraining order against Simino. The stage was set for a fateful turn of events.

Vanishing Act

In September 2006, Brandi Mathews vanished from the Osage Beach scene. Despite her brave attempt to escape her abusive relationship and her efforts to save money to start a new life with her son, local law enforcement initially showed little interest in her case. The initial lack of attention to her disappearance is a chilling reminder of the challenges faced by abuse victims seeking justice.

Brandi Mathews Details

Full Name Brandi June “Callahan” Mathews
Birthdate November 1, 1983
Birthplace Columbia, Missouri
Parents Mark and Deanna Callahan Roberts
Residence Osage Beach, Missouri
Education State Fair Community College
Marital Status Married to Bobby Mathews
Children Son named Caleb Mathews
Profession Exotic dancer at an Osage Beach club (stage name: Faith)
Relationship Abusive relationship with Kelly Simino
Disappearance Date September 2006
Discovery of Remains Hikers found partial skeletal remains in Eldon, Missouri (2009)
Cause of Death Broken neck
Perpetrator Kelly Simino
Legal Outcome Convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to 20 years
Current Status Serving sentence at Jefferson City Correctional Center

A Mother’s Determination

Brandi’s mother, Deanna Roberts, refused to let her daughter’s case go unnoticed. She battled against biases linked to Brandi’s profession and tirelessly fought to find her missing daughter. Deanna’s unwavering determination and motherly love would eventually prove crucial in uncovering the truth behind Brandi’s disappearance.

The Grim Discovery

It took over two long and agonizing years for authorities to actively investigate Brandi Mathews’ disappearance. In 2009, a group of hikers stumbled upon a grim and haunting discovery in Eldon, Missouri: Brandi’s partial remains. The cause of her death was a broken neck, a harrowing testament to the violence she endured.

Justice Served

The discovery of Brandi Mathews’ remains led to a breakthrough in the case. Kelly Simino, a man associated with a local drug ring and with a criminal history, was charged with second-degree murder. He was subsequently convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. The conviction served as a beacon of hope for those who seek justice in the face of domestic abuse.

A Mother’s Intuition

The story of Brandi Mathews’ disappearance and the relentless pursuit of justice is retold in the Murder In The Heartland episode titled “Mother’s Intuition” on Investigation Discovery. This episode emphasizes the resilience of a mother seeking answers for her daughter’s disappearance and the importance of standing up against domestic abuse.


1. When did Brandi Mathews go missing?

Brandi Mathews went missing in September 2006.

2. Who was Brandi Mathews?

Brandi Mathews was a 25-year-old mother and exotic dancer in Osage Beach, Missouri. She faced a tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend, Kelly Simino.

3. What led to Brandi Mathews’ disappearance?

Brandi was trying to escape her abusive relationship with Kelly Simino and had filed a restraining order against him a month before her disappearance.

4. What was the cause of Brandi Mathews’ death?

The cause of Brandi Mathews’ death was determined to be a broken neck.

5. Who was Kelly Simino, and what was his involvement?

Kelly Simino, Brandi’s boyfriend, had a criminal history and was associated with a local drug ring. He was charged with second-degree murder for killing Brandi.

In conclusion, Brandi Mathews’ story serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by victims of abuse and the importance of perseverance in seeking justice. Her mother’s unwavering determination and the eventual conviction of her abuser stand as a testament to the resilience of those who refuse to let their loved ones be forgotten. Brandi’s memory lives on, and her story serves as a beacon of hope for all those who seek justice in the face of adversity.

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