Breaking: Kim Jong-un still not dead

by Carter Toni

Generalissimo Francisco Franco can always be dead, but apparently not too for North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-united nations. After days of complete silence and rumors of his failing health or perhaps dying, the diminutive dictator demonstrated up in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for any fertilizer plant (of the things), acting for the world as though nothing had happened also it only agreed to be a later date in the office. Interestingly, he introduced his sister, Kim Yo Jong with him after formally appointing her towards the political bureau from the Worker’s Party central committee. (Connected Press)

North Korean leader Kim Jong United nations made his first public appearance in 20 days because he celebrated the conclusion of the fertilizer factory near Pyongyang, condition media stated Saturday, ending a scarcity which had triggered global rumors he was seriously ill.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency stated Kim attended the ceremony Friday in Suncheon along with other senior officials, including his sister Kim Yo Jong, who many analysts predict would dominate if her brother is all of a sudden not able to rule.

Neither the KCNA nor the state Rodong Sinmun newspaper immediately released photos online in the ceremony.

So what’s been happening within the last couple of days? We do not know because Kim isn’t saying and also the reporters in the country’s condition-run media outlets know much better than a single article sensitive topics like this. (Angering Kim Jong-united nations can famously be harmful to your job along with your health.)

It appears most probably he was battling some kind of ailment, but Kim doesn’t want to see any headlines that may lead him to appear weak. He was apparently travelling fairly normally without using a walking stick. But area of the time, he seemed to be seen riding a little electric cart of some kind. If he really had some kind of heart surgery, there’s most likely been sufficient time for him to recuperate right now. Alternately, he may came lower with COVID-19. Given his weight, smoking habits and usually illness, that will be a touchy situation.

We’re still not hearing anything about Kim getting put the official succession plan in position against his eventual demise. Possibly he fears that discussing may be will provoke rumors about his failing health. However that leads us back that Kim Yo Jong became a member of him with this public ceremony. Whenever we formerly discussed what could happen when the Dear Leader all of a sudden demonstrated up at 70 degrees, one possibility up for grabs was that his sister usually takes power. But when diet program the warlords in the various factions round the country aren’t willing to possess a lady in control, that can lead to massive riots and possibly a collapse from the central government.

For the moment, however, we have the symptoms of came back towards the established order. Negotiations with Washington continue to be stalled, North Korea has returned to focusing on missiles and tactical weapons and China keeps growing more and more nervous. At this time, all we’re really awaiting would be to see Godzilla rising up in the sea and smiting a couple of metropolitan areas.

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