Breaking News: Is Bryan Danielson Injured? What Really Went Down?

by Moore Martin

Is Bryan Danielson Injured

In the world of professional wrestling, Bryan Danielson has been a household name for many years. His journey from a small-town kid to a renowned wrestler is a fascinating story filled with highs, lows, and the determination to overcome adversity. However, in recent times, there have been concerns about his health and career. Is Bryan Danielson injured, and what has happened to him? Let’s dive into the details.

Who is Bryan Danielson?

Bryan Danielson, born on May 22, 1981, in Aberdeen, Washington, is an American professional wrestler known for his exceptional wrestling skills and his ability to connect with fans. He began his wrestling career in 1999 on the independent circuit and later went on to make a significant impact in major wrestling promotions like WWE and AEW.

The Rise of “Daniel Bryan”

In WWE, Bryan used the ring name “Daniel Bryan” and became a big star. He won prestigious championships like the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship multiple times. However, it wasn’t just his in-ring success that endeared him to fans; it was also his iconic “Yes!” chant that became a wrestling phenomenon.

A Surprising Return

Bryan had to retire from wrestling in 2016 due to injuries that took a toll on his body. But he made a surprising return in 2018, rekindling the hopes of his devoted fanbase.

Joining AEW

In 2021, Bryan Danielson made a pivotal decision to join All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he continued to showcase his wrestling talent. His arrival in AEW brought a breath of fresh air to the wrestling world.

Is Bryan Danielson Injured?

Yes, Bryan Danielson is currently injured. He sustained a broken orbital bone during a wrestling match in AEW. The orbital bone is the one around the eye, and this injury is far from his first. Bryan has faced a series of injuries throughout his career, which have kept him away from wrestling for extended periods.

Full Name Bryan Lloyd Danielson
Born May 22, 1981
Birthplace Aberdeen, Washington, USA
Ring Name (WWE) Daniel Bryan
Promotions WWE, AEW, ROH, NJPW, Pro Wrestling Noah

AEW Dynamite Mishap

The injury occurred during a tag team match on “AEW Dynamite,” where Bryan was teaming up with Claudio Castagnoli. Initially, AEW hoped that the injury might heal without surgery, but it was eventually determined that an operation was necessary to fix the broken bone.

Retirement Plans in Question

Before this latest injury, Bryan Danielson had plans to retire from full-time wrestling within a year. However, the injury raises doubts about these retirement plans. It’s unclear how long he will be out of action this time, and whether he will need to make adjustments to his career goals.

Bryan Danielson Early Life

Bryan Danielson’s journey began in Aberdeen, Washington. His upbringing was marked by challenges, including his parents’ divorce due to his father’s struggles with alcoholism. Despite these challenges, Bryan’s love for professional wrestling started at a young age and would shape his future.

Shy Beginnings

As a child and teenager, Bryan considered himself shy and somewhat antisocial. Despite this, he engaged in sports like football and track and field. He also contributed to his family’s income by delivering newspapers and working at McDonald’s during his teenage years.

A Lifelong Passion

Bryan’s love for professional wrestling deepened when a friend showed him a wrestling magazine. From that moment on, he became a devoted fan of the sport, which ultimately led him to pursue a career in the wrestling industry.

Bryan Danielson Career

Bryan Danielson’s career in professional wrestling has been nothing short of remarkable. He started on the independent wrestling circuit in 1999 and gained experience and recognition. He briefly signed with WWE in 2000 but continued to make appearances until 2003. However, his most significant impact came in promotions like Ring of Honor (ROH), where he won numerous titles and awards.

Return to WWE

In 2009, Bryan returned to WWE, where he achieved even greater success, including multiple WWE Championships and World Heavyweight Championships. His career was temporarily halted in 2016 due to injuries, but he made a triumphant return in 2018.

AEW and Beyond

In 2021, Bryan Danielson made a pivotal move to join AEW, extending his wrestling journey. He continues to impress fans with his incredible skills and dedication to the craft.


Bryan Danielson’s story is one of resilience, passion, and determination. Despite the current injury, his journey in professional wrestling is far from over. As fans, we can only hope for his swift recovery and eagerly await his return to the ring.


1. Is Bryan Danielson Injured?

Yes, Bryan Danielson is currently injured with a broken orbital bone.

2. Who is Bryan Danielson?

Bryan Danielson, also known as Daniel Bryan, is a prominent American professional wrestler with a successful career in WWE and AEW.

3. What happened to Bryan Danielson?

Bryan Danielson sustained a broken orbital bone during an AEW match, leading to surgery and raising questions about his planned retirement.

4. What is Bryan Danielson’s early life like?

Bryan Danielson was born in Aberdeen, Washington, and faced family challenges, including his parents’ divorce due to his father’s alcoholism.

4. What are some of Bryan Danielson’s notable wrestling achievements?

Bryan Danielson has achieved several titles and awards, including the WWE Championship and the ROH World Championship, making him one of the most celebrated professional wrestlers.

5. What made Bryan Danielson’s “Yes!” chant so popular?

Bryan Danielson’s “Yes!” chant became iconic due to its simplicity, crowd engagement, and his ability to connect with fans, making it a wrestling phenomenon.

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