Cadbury World Scam What’s the Cadbury Scam?

by Glenn Maxwell

Cadbury World continues to be warning its customers to understand the brand new phishing scam that states offer Cadbury World festive chocolate hampers to acquire financial information.

Based on a social networking publish, Cadbury World has offered free chocolate hampers in celebration of their 126th anniversary. Targeted are individuals within the Uk. The scam states offer chocolate enthusiasts free hampers.

Don’t allow the Cadbury World Scam fool you. Learn how to proceed if you discover this type of publish on social networking.

What’s the Cadbury Scam?

Social networking posts declare that Cadbury celebrates its 126th anniversary and can distribute free chocolate hampers to individuals who share the hyperlink. It’s a new scam that’s been distributing on social networking, targeting residents from the Uk to be able to steal their financial and private details.

In return for addresses and bank details, the fraudster claims that they will be sending Cadbury chocolate hampers totally free. The Cadbury World Scam message originates from Anna Burton. She claims is the regional manager of Cadbury World.

It claims that Cadbury World is celebrating its 126th anniversary and can send Cadbury Hampers to everybody who shares the publish or comments. The scam message also includes a hyperlink to redirect users to some fraudulent website, where they have to enter their bank details and address. The hyperlink are only able to be adopted by one individual in a with time.

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The Reality of Cadbury World Scam

Cadbury World’s social networking publish is fake. It’s a scam, based on many pointers.

Cadbury World, situated in Birmingham, isn’t a company that provides free chocolate hampers. It had been established around the 14th of August 1990, which makes it only 3 decades old. Cadbury began in 1824, that is a minimum of 197 years of age. In the two cases, there’s no replacement for the 126th anniversary. Don’t be seduced by the Cadbury World Scam message.

Cadbury Birmingham operates and owns Cadbury World, without any regional manager. Anna Burton claims is the regional manager of Cadbury World. This can be a complete fraud.

Here goes to some suspicious website and it has absolutely nothing to do Cadbury’s official website.

How will you safeguard yourself from scammers?

Scammers frequently make errors and misspellings in scam messages. To locate errors, make certain to softly evaluate the Cadbury World Scam message.

  • Verify the company, emblem, along with other details.
  • Don’t click links that aren’t connected using the brand if you’re requested.
  • Report scam messages to Action Fraud Department at 0300-123-2040, or online.


Cadbury is really a well-known logo and many scammers utilize it to commit frauds. Cadbury World Scam targets lots of people within the United kingdom. You may be safe by using the guidelines above.

Are you currently a target of these scam messages? What steps have you ever come to safeguard yourself? Have you got every other suggestions?

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