Can You Pay For Afterpay Early? Some Of Our Tips Dealing With Afterpay

by James Martin

If you live in countries like the US or Australia you may have heard about Afterplay more than once, this platform gives you the freedom to buy your goods now, take them with you and pay for your order in 4 payments, which are charged every two weeks. If you pay within the established deadline limit, you will not see any interests or extra charges on your account. However, there is a penalty in the event that you make your payments after the allowed period. One of the reasons why many people choose Afterpay is that this company doesn’t conduct any credit checks to grant you the services, plus if you are a responsible user, it will not have an effect on your credit history. Keep reading to be informed about important information that you may want to have before deciding if this platform is a good fit.

Is there a benefit by paying early?

Once you have made your first purchase, you will pay the first quarter of the total cost and then, there will be a period of 2 weeks before the second of the 4 total charges on your card. The app will let you know before it processes the payments with a notification, but this operation is automatic, however you can always make an early payment by tapping the ‘Pay Now’ button located on the ‘Orders’ section. So, although it’s not necessary to worry about any interest as long as you have funds in your card, you can pay early for your order if that’s your choice.

Tips for a better use of the platform

In order to make responsible use of your app, you can implement a few strategies that will allow you to handle your Afterpay account adequately, increasing your chances of enjoying while using it and avoiding unwanted charges.

• You may want to create a monthly budget based on your salary and other ways of income you receive on a regular basis. And even more important: stick to your plan.

• Always choose to link a debit card to your account, in this way you will only commit to spend the money that you know beforehand you will have soon.

•Use the ‘reschedule payments’ feature: this option will allow you to get the most out of your account, you will have the chance to delay your payment deadline for up to 5 days after the limit previously established. However, use this option only if you need it because you are allowed to use it 3 times per year as a maximum.

If you are still not convinced of using the services provided by this popular platform, don’t worry, there are some other suitable options and direct debit companies that you can check out. To mention an example, SecurePay also gives you the freedom to make scheduled payments, this app doesn’t have any kind of tricky fees for the membership, such as many other providers. By selecting this service your financial information will be safe and you will be covered against online fraud at no extra cost for you.

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