Caviar sell iPhone 12 that has a piece of Steve Jobs sweater to 6,000 dollars!

by Glenn Maxwell

The Russian company Caviar, renowned for its extravagant and costly versions of numerous technological devices, just released an apple iphone 12 that is included with a bit of the sweater of Jobs, the founding father of Apple.

You might not remember it, however the ‘Computer Genius’ used to appear at occasions within the same clothes: jeans, Asics athletic shoes along with a black turtleneck sweater.

Well, a bit of this last outfit continues to be put into the emblem of the iPhone 12 that’s causing individuals to talk on social systems because it costs $ 6,000 and it has a design that appears nearly the same as the apple iphone 4 .

If you’re a follower of Apple products, you’ll certainly realize that the apple iphone 4 (launched by Apple this year) was the final phone that Jobs presented before his dying this year from pancreatic cancer.

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It’s not the only real version

The iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4s, because this unique phone is known as, isn’t the only release from Caviar. Additionally, it featured a Seven,000 titanium version which has the colours from the first Apple phone.

There’s additionally a third model that’s worth Nine Dollars,000, where the Apple emblem consists of 18-karat gold.

It’s important to note there are only 10 units of every form of the telephone.

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