CBD And Pets: Is The Hype Worth It?

by Glenn Maxwell

We’re sure you must have heard about CBD somewhere. And while it’s perfect for managing mental disorders, chronic pain and skin conditions, can CBD be the real deal for your pets? 

If you feel like your beloved poochie suffers from separation anxiety, skin problems or joint pain, CBD can be of actual help. Read on to explore how CBD treats for pets is more than just a marketing ploy. 

What Is CBD?

Before we get into this, let’s take a look at what exactly CBD is. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound extracted from the cannabis Sativa plant. Yes, it’s the marijuana plant. But, unlike popular belief, CBD can not make you high. 

Scientifically speaking, the marijuana plant has over 100 of compounds, including THC, CBD, CBN and CBC. And the most popular compound is perhaps THC, which makes you high and is present in high content in your usual weed joints. But, when it comes to CBD, it has no-to-low THC content, which makes it non-intoxicating and non-habit forming. 

What’s the science behind CBD?

CBD reacts with your body’s biggest system- the endocannabinoid system. To be precise, this system regulates your mood, helps you sleep better, improves your appetite and keeps you calm. CBD products react with the system to enhance its working. 

The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana

Marijuana and cannabis come from the cannabis plant. However, they are hugely different in their concentration. In fact, the major difference is about THC. 

THC, short for delta-9 tetra hydrocannabidiol, is a toxicating substance found abundantly in marijuana. It’s the reason you get high when you smoke marijuana. However, hemp products like CBD contain no THC, especially if you are going for isolate or broad-spectrum CBD products. And, if you want a full-spectrum product, it won’t contain THC of more than 0.3%, which is not enough to make you feel euphoric. 

In short, you or your pets can not get high even if you/they consume huge amounts of CBD. 

Is CBD Safe For My Pet?

As stated above, CBD products can not make your pets high. Besides this, if you shop online and go for a brand that sells only organic products, it will actually be quite healthy for your pets. 

Moreover, in addition to being non-euphoric, non-habit forming, and 100% organic, CBD products for animals come with absolutely no side effects. 

Benefits Of CBD For Pets

Did you know that CBD is anti-pain, anti-inflammation, anti-redness, anti-anxiety and anti-depression? So, if you are a busy professional who has to leave your pets behind for work, this can do the magic to keep your pets calm. 

Moreover, like your body, pets too have an endocannabinoid system. And, CBD products like CBD oils, edibles and topicals work just like they work in your body. 

In short, CBD edibles can help your dog in the following ways:

  • They can reduce inflammation. 
  • They can help them manage pain, both nerve and muscle/joint pain.
  • They reduce seizures or epilepsy episodes. 
  • They support the nervous system. 
  • They protect your pups and cats from autoimmune diseases like cancer. 
  • They improve heart health. 
  • They support gastrointestinal working. 
  • They reduce anxiety. 

Which Is The Best CBD Product for Your Pet?

It is often recommended to seek suggestions from a vet before you go for any CBD products. However, if you want to try the astounding benefits of CBD, CBD pet treats like soft and hard chews are perhaps best for starting CBD. 

Moreover, CBD oils can be a little potent, which may not be the best choice for a dog who has just started taking CBD. Moreover, if your dog is a picky eater, like most are, CBD pet treats come in a wide variety of flavors. In short, they can get those benefits and enjoy CBD at the same time. 

In A Nutshell

So, based on everything stated above, CBD pet products are actually worth the hype. They help with certain medical conditions and keep the triggering anxiety at bay, allowing your beloved pups and kittens to feel relaxed and calm. 

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