All about CBD flowers: effects and benefits!

by Glenn Maxwell

The active ingredient cannabidiol, better known as CBD, comes from the hemp plant and has caused a stir recently. Many users report positive effects. The scientists are also enthusiastic and try to get to the bottom of the diverse impacts of CBD in new studies.

Many CBD products are on the market, with CBD oil being particularly popular. But the best CBD flower online are also being used more and more frequently. They can be used in various ways and are a good supplement or alternative for many users.

CBD flowers – what is it?

The term CBD flowers usually refer to dried flowers or buds of the hemp plant. These contain a high amount of CBD and only a minimal amount of THC.

The active ingredient CBD is concentrated in the flowers of the hemp plant and therefore occurs there is a high concentration.

There are many different types of flowers on the market with varying levels of quality. The flower of the hemp plant indeed contains the CBD in its original form, but the cultivation methods, climatic conditions and soil compositions differ, resulting in different levels of quality. Another factor is the variable quality that the seed can have.

Different hemp flower varieties on the market

If you want to buy CBD flowers, you should pay attention to the quality. There are quite a few differences. First, the CBD flowers should come from hemp plants whose seeds are certified by the EU.

These strains are not just for everyone to grow. Only licensed and experienced farms are allowed to grow the appropriate hemp plants. This ensures high quality and the consumer can also be sure that the CBD flowers only have a very low proportion of THC, which must be less than 0.2%. Otherwise, the variety would not have been approved.

High-quality CBD flowers

Very high-quality CBD flowers of the so-called first choice have a vibrant color, and the smell is delightful. The appearance shows many tiny plant hairs, the so-called trichomes. These are small and clear or colored white. In addition, these CBD flowers have a consistency that is neither too wet nor too dry.

Mid-range CBD flowers

These CBD flowers are referred to as the second choice. Most of the CBD flowers sold today fall into this category.

The condition of the buds is excellent, but they are just not perfect. It is often the case that the flowers and buds are dehydrated. It can also happen that there are too many seeds in the biomass.

The smell of the CBD flowers is mild, they have a nice green color, but this can appear a bit faded. The concentration of bud hairs is usually weaker and the buds feel very dry. CBD flowers in this category are often offered at lower prices and are very popular.

Inferior CBD flowers

CBD flowers from this category are referred to as the third choice. Due to the very low prices, many customers choose these flowers.

The taste of these flowers is often quite unpleasant, indicating the use of pesticides. The smell is reminiscent of hay or grass. The color is dull. They are either very dry or wet with a leathery consistency in terms of consistency. There are no plant hairs on the surface of the flowers at all.

Recognize high-quality CBD flowers

Due to the lack of legal regulations and non-existent quality controls, attempts may be made to sell poor-quality CBD flowers at high prices. Therefore, it is essential to know how to recognize high-quality CBD flowers. There are a few characteristics to look out for that can provide information about the quality of the buds.

  • consistency and color

Hemp plants are often grown outdoors, but growing indoors or in a greenhouse is also possible. The quality of the CBD flowers is influenced, among other things, by the time of harvest and the processing. CBD flowers grown in greenhouses offer a significantly lighter appearance. The consistency is usually firmer and drier.

  • aroma and smell

CBD flowers with a faint odor have probably been subjected to artificial drying that was too fast. This reduces the quality of the flowers. CBD blossoms often smell very strongly of fruits or berries. If so, the buds have likely been treated with artificial flavorings to distract from and mask the poor quality.

CBD flowers – the dosage

There is no general dosage recommendation for CBD flowers as with CBD oil. Each product is different and features a higher or lower concentration of CBD.

The quality of the flowers can vary greatly. How CBD flowers are consumed also impacts the individual dosage.

Therefore, you should always start with a small amount of CBD flowers and increase the dosage slightly from week to week. Finding the correct dosage can take a while, but it’s worth the effort.

The individual dose is significant, primarily when CBD flowers act on specific ailments. With CBD flowers, less can be more. No need to use tons of it to achieve the desired effect.

However, since CBD has no known side effects, there is no need to worry about problems even if a more significant amount is used.

Is buying CBD flowers legal?

The same regulations apply to CBD flowers from and all other CBD products. They are legal if they contain no more than 0.2% THC. CBD flowers can be bought and used legally if this is the case.

It is advisable to rely on reputable manufacturers to avoid buying illegal products that may have a much higher THC content and can lead to a high. At best, certified organic products from licensed cultivation should be purchased from recognized suppliers!

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