CBD Oil in Texas; Buyers Guide

by Carter Toni

The benefits of CBD oil have been well known for years in the medical community, and with more and more people enjoying less stress, reduced chronic pain and overall health and well being, states across the United States are joining the CBD bandwagon as they legalize its use for millions of people.

In this article we explore the ins and outs of buying cbd oil in Texas specifically.

What is CBD?

CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant. Although often confused with its close cousin, marijuana, the mind-altering effects of another chemical compound, THC,(also present in cannabis) are not present in CBD products. You are able to enjoy all the health benefits of CBD without long-term side effects.

Benefits of CBD use

CBD products are well known to provide a number of physical and mental benefits, including:

  • Lower stress levels
  • Less anxiety
  • Better quality sleep
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved circulation
  • An overall sense of calm and well being

With so many benefits to be had from this naturally-derived product, let’s take a look at Texas regulations on its purchase and use. Purchasing and using CBD products legally is easy if you know where and how to obtain them. Read on to see how the Lonestar State regulates its use of CBD, and where you can obtain some for yourself.

Texas regulations

In Texas, it’s all about where your products are sourced. Hemp-derived CBD oils may be federally accepted and regulated, but marijuana and other related products are strictly banned across the state. You face hefty fines and even jail time if you attempt to purchase or use within state lines.

CBD has fast become one of the premier alternative health and wellness products that people seek for better living, and the easiest way to obtain it legally is through a reputable online retailer.

Why buy online?

Although many people are still wary of purchasing products and services online, there are ways to ensure that you are getting a quality product while reaping the benefit of convenience.

An online retailer can offer a larger array of products than a small retail store. Many websites carry products such as oils, vapors, capsules, edibles, and topicals; you choose those products that you are most comfortable with. Some websites even offer products for our anxious pets; creams, shampoos, and edibles help to keep our furry family members feeling their best as well. Choose those methods of administration that you prefer and begin trying out products to find your favorites.

Online purchasing allows you to vet retailers ahead of time, performing background checks to see if they are operating within legal parameters that Texas has set up for CBS retailers. Feel free to research their websites, view lab reports, and pore over ingredient lists as you determine which products would be best for you and your family. Online forums and social media groups might also be able to give you valuable advice on which products are high quality, as well as those you should steer clear of.

Online purchasing can also save you some money. Without all the added costs of operating a retail location, dealers can offer better deals on their stock, with small fees collected for packaging and shipping your items. You receive your products discreetly, right at your front door.

Is CBD legal in Texas?

It is possible for CBD to be extracted from both hemp and marijuana plants, yet with hemp derivatives, you do not get the “high” that may detract from any benefit you might receive. CBD that is extracted from hemp plants is legal in Texas, while derivatives from marijuana plants should not be purchased, used, or sold here.

Tips for choosing high quality

As you start your search for high-quality CBD products, consider the following:

1. Go organic if possible

Organic hemp is by far the best source of CBD oil. Organic, non-GMO hemp plants produce a simplified, purer version of the oil, and this has been proven to be more effective at delivering the physical and mental benefits that many seek from its use.

2. Choose those products that are extracted with CO2

Product extraction using CO2 does not require solvents or the use of heat, so you are ensured a far more potent dose of CBD than with traditional harvesting. This form of extraction is not cheap; it is a sign that the company you are dealing with is invested in producing a quality product.

3. Full-spectrum is superior to isolate

Full-spectrum products are derived from the entire hemp plant, while isolate products are secondary in nature. Harvesting with the entire plant allows for the retention of more valuable compounds which produce the desired effect for users.

4. Choose a company that is transparent with production and lab reports

A reputable company will allow for third-party testing of their products to ensure quality. If a company is unable or unwilling to provide lab reports that reveal the efficacy of their products, steer clear.

5. Avoid outrageous claims

As with any product, there are retailers who practice integrity as well as those who are selling bottled “snake oil”. If a company is claiming to “cure” or “eliminate” medical diseases and other conditions, you should be wary. There is no overnight cure for many diseases and conditions, and although CBD can help alleviate symptoms, it is not meant to be a cure for any specific disease or condition.

Ready to try?

With a wide range of CBD products that deliver exactly what they promise, Eden Herbals is your best choice for online CBD shopping. An array of oils, edibles, topicals and tinctures can easily round out your self-care routine, giving you physical and mental health benefits that last.

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