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Chipotle Menu With Prices | Chipotle Menu 2021

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We can surely help you if you’re here for the latest menu of Chipotle menu. In this article, I will reveal the most current list of Chipotle with updated price ranges.

Chipotle is renowned for its burritos, rice dishes and other Mexican food. Their menu features burritos, quesadilla, salads and tacos french fries And guacamole and refreshments. They are not a great deal steeply-priced plus a meals there price all-around $10.

I really hope you with a gained a perception of their menu but don’t forget about to look for the whole menu here. We have also shared the food knowledge, franchise data, their contact info and social bookmarking inbound links. Let’s see a little history before jumping to the menu.

Chipotle (if not named Chipotle Mexican Barbecue grill) is actually an Us citizen meal sequence that usually presents Mexican food items. They are simply specialized in tacos and burritos. That it was formed by Steve Ells on July13 and 1993, in Denver, Colorado. From then on, the bistro has throughout 2000 venues in states like Canada, UnitedKingdom and France, and Germany.

Chipotle Menu and Prices

If you love Mexican food, then the Chipotle menu has a lot of good options for you. You can purchase a quesadilla, much, salads, burrito and taco additional. The best thing about eating there is that you can also customize your order by choosing veggie, carnitas, sofritas, barbacoa, chicken and steak carne asada, cheese, guacamole, or queso blanco.

When eating food Mexican meals there, I am certain it is advisable to structure ends also. In area of ends, they possess became chips, queso blanco, salsa, great chips & huge queso blanco. For eating habits-informed women and men much like me, you can purchase their life bowls to assist take care of your food plan.

For what reason everyone loves to visit Chipotle is due to the quality on their nourishment. Many of their food is offered with cost bad lotion that increases the flavour of their nutrition.

The cost of Chipotle are a bit elevated as compared with other Mexican bistros. You can obtain a outstanding dish around $10. There is catering choices in Chipotle simultaneously. So, without waiting more, let’s check out the latest Chipotle menu with prices.


Entree Chicken Steak Carnitas Barbacoa Sofritas Veggie Carne Asada Cheese Guacamole Queso Blanco
Burrito $10.10 $11.65 $10.70 $11.65 $10.10 $10.10 $12.75 N/A N/A N/A
Burrito Bowl $10.10 $11.65 $10.70 $11.65 $10.10 $10.10 $12.75 N/A N/A N/A
Salad $10.10 $11.65 $10.70 $11.65 $10.10 $10.10 $12.75 N/A N/A N/A
Tacos $3.80 $4.40 $4.00 $4.40 $3.80 $3.80 $4.85 N/A N/A N/A
Kid’s Build Your Own $6.70 $6.70 $6.70 $6.70 $6.70 N/A $6.70 $6.70 $6.70 $6.70
Kid’s Quesadilla $6.20 $6.20 $6.20 $6.20 $6.20 N/A $6.20 $6.55 $6.20 N/A
Three Tacos $10.10 $11.65 $10.70 $11.65 $10.10 $10.10 $12.75 N/A N/A N/A


Chips $2.10
Chips & Guacamole $5.15
Large Chips & Large Guacamole $8.20
Chips & Fresh Tomato Salsa $2.75
Chips & Tomatillo-Green Chili Salsa $2.75
Chips & Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa $2.75
Chips & Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa $2.75
Side of Guacamole $3.05
Queso Blanco $3.05
Chips & Queso Blanco $5.15
Large Chips & Large Queso Blanco $8.20
Tortilla on the Side $0.30

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Blackberry Izze $3.60
Pressed Apple Juice $3.60
Bottled Water $3.20
San Pellegrino Sparkling $3.40
Topo Chico Mineral Water $3.40
Topo Chico Lime Water $3.40
Mexican Coca-Cola $3.65
Honest Honey Green Tea $3.40
Honest Half Tea Half Lemonade $3.40
Hubert’s Strawberry Lemonade $4.00
Smart Water $4.00
Tractor Organic Black Tea $3.90
Tractor Organic Lemonade $3.90

Lifestyle Bowls

Whole30® Bowl $15.40
Whole30® Salad Bowl
Whole30® Salad Bowl
Keto Bowl $15.40
Keto Salad Bowl
Keto Salad Bowl
High Protein Bowl $15.20
Vegan Bowl $12.35
Vegetarian Salad Bowl $12.35
Paleo Salad Bowl $13.15
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