Choosing professional chauffeur services

by Carter Toni

These days, an increasing number of people have taken up using chauffeured car services across the world for both professional and personal purposes. With a good chauffeured car service, it is possible to save money and time and reduce the stress of your trips. You can also project a fantastic image to your colleagues and clients.

Here are some top tips to help you choose the best professional chauffeurs for your Heathrow Airport Transfers requirements.

1. Check the appearance

Check whether the professional chauffeur is presentable, clean and neat. A driver who dresses smart and takes pride in his work is a joy to his passengers. Such drivers also come with vehicles that are regularly serviced and well maintained. You can expect safe and pleasant rides with luxury chauffeured cars.

2. Consider the etiquette

Check whether the professional chauffeur has proper expertise on how to behave with clients. He should have the ability to read people’s body language and strike a suitable conversation with clients. He needs to be an excellent communicator and handle passengers from various walks of life.

3. Check the safety aspect

Find out whether the chauffeur is certified, licensed and trained and has practical knowledge of driving on the road. Chauffeurs from reputed agencies put the security of clients at the forefront, and it is their key priority. They can make riders comfortable during business trips and during airport transfers.

They know that any delay can be bad for passengers, and try their best to give riders the privacy and safety that they need during the trip. They follow a strict itinerary and do not stop anywhere during the trip. Ferrying passengers from point A to point B and back is what they are only concerned with.

4. Know about the experience level

You will not like to have a rookie handle your driving needs. Find out how long he has been driving on the roads and transporting passengers in the city. With chauffeurs having 5+ years of experience, you can rest assured about the safety of your life and limbs. You can also be sure of no untoward or creepy behaviour from the professional.

5. Check the knowledge

Make some thorough queries to the chauffeur who would be in charge of transporting you, including his idea about your destination, any alternative routes he might take in case of traffic jams, etc. This will help you find out how knowledgeable he is.

6. Price transparency

One of the most tricky things about booking a chauffeur service is to find the right price that can easily fit your budget but remember, you don’t exactly want to book discounted chauffeur services to save money. Low price is no guarantee of quality, sometimes you get what you pay for. Make sure they provide you with transparent and all-inclusive pricing, where there are no hidden charges.


Understanding these steps will make your decisions easier and better. Choosing great chauffeur services is not an effortless task, and you want to be sure there is no space for mistakes. If you are still unsure which service to choose, feel free to contact us at Cambridge Taxi Company, we would love to talk with you and explain our services in full detail.

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