Unique And Exciting Casinos In Canada: Where To Play

by Carter Toni

With the current trends of legalisation of gambling in the country, the casino business in Canada is thriving. canadian real money online slots are becoming widely popular; they have doubled in number from the 70 casinos that were in operation in 2002 to over 170 in 2018. Canadians prefer real money casinos where profits are guaranteed, which explains why the industry was valued at $12.7 billion in 2020. With 19.3 million Canadians, the bulk of whom consists of youth aged 18 and 24, involved in casino gambling, and one is bound to find the most unique and interesting casinos in Canada. Although these numbers may seem alarming, Canada is ranked among the best countries regarding responsible gambling practices.

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This article will look into Canada’s most unique and exciting casinos based on the following factors.

  • The promotions, rewards, and bonuses awarded by the casino;
  • The availability of a vast game selection in the casino’s portfolio;
  • The safety of user funds with payment options offered by the casino;
  • The casino’s licensing authorities are involved, whether they are reputable or not;
  • Whether or not the casino promotes responsible gambling;
  • Availability of customer support and how they interact with users;
  • Whether or not the casino has an online presence, i.e., having a user-friendly website.

So, what are the unique and exciting casinos where one can play in Canada? Stay with me and find out.

Niagara Casino, Ontario

According to the Alberta Gambling Research Institute (AGRI), Ontario’s 14.7 million residents contribute over 40% of the country’s casino revenue. It is no doubt that the province is home to the best and most unique casinos in Canada, including Niagara, which is among the most popular in the country. This casino, owned by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, started operations in 1996. The casino is located in a prime tourist attraction destination, Niagara Falls, making it the ideal go-to place for foreign sight-seeing gamblers. Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment oversee its daily operations.

Covering a sprawling 8,800 square meters of space, the casino has over 1,300 slot machines that come with games boasting over 300 progressive jackpots. The casino got you covered with its special poker section that houses over 25 tables for poker lovers. Additionally, the casino organises poker tournaments where players can wager against each other instead of the house. Niagara is well known for its Friday’s ladies’ night promo, where lady patrons stand a chance of winning jewellery, perfumes, and cash prizes. The casino also has a sports bar, a restaurant, and a market buffet.

Casino de Montreal, Quebec

The Casino de Montreal is located on the island of Notre Dame in Quebec province and started its operations on the 9th of October 1993. Spanning a space of 48,900 square meters, the casino de Montreal holds the title of the largest land casino in Canada, serving about 20,000 patrons daily. The casino has a unique design of three interconnected buildings of historical significance in Canada, making the casino the most sought after by residents from all over the country. The key factor contributing to its uniqueness is that it has been a non-smoking joint since 2003. It is run and owned by a subsidiary of Loto-Quebec, The Société des casinos du Québec.

The casino is an integral part of Montreal’s economy, posting annual earnings of approximately $250 million and providing 6,000 well-paying jobs for residents. The casino houses over 3,000 slot machines with a wide game selection for all gamblers. It also has over 100 table games available for its customers. The casino is also big in keno, with an expansive room dedicated to providing those lottery-like games. More importantly, with an average of 11 million customers annually, the casino is accessible 24/7.

Caesars Windsor Hotel Casino

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, owned by Caesars Windsor casino, started operations in July 1998. Caesars Entertainment runs its day-to-day activities. The casino prides itself as the busiest casino in Ontario. In addition, due to its proximity to the US, the casino is popular with the residents of Detroit, who are always running away from the stringent gambling laws of the US. For instance, the legal gambling age in Canada is 19 as opposed to 21 years in the US, and there is no tax on winnings in Canada, making Caesars Windsor a haven for US casino goers.

Spanning an impressive 9,300 square meters of space, the casino has an enormous poker room with 14 tables. In addition, Caesars Windsor houses over 2,600 slot machines that offer games with jackpots in the six figures. Apart from its roman empire theme, another unique feature of this casino is the expansive 5,000-seater entertainment theatre. The casino also houses a shopping mall, several restaurants, sports bars, spa, swimming pools and a fully equipped gym. The casino also boasts of having more than 700 rooms available for guests.

Fallsview Casino Resort

As the name suggests, Fallsview casino is built on a cliff overlooking Niagara Falls. The casino is owned and operated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation; it opened its doors for patrons in 2004. Occupying a space of 19,000 square meters, it is the biggest land-based casino in Ontario. With 14 million visitors touring Niagara Falls annually, the casino has played host to about 6% of Canada’s tourists. The casino is widely popular due to its extensive gymnasium that occupies 1,400 square meters of space. In addition to its spacious 374 rooms, the casino houses The Avalon Ballroom Theatre, which has a capacity of 1,500.

The casino has over 3,000 slot machines that can be played with as little as a penny and have games with six-figure progressive jackpots. Fallsview casino has over 120 gaming tables, with poker and baccarat being favourites among its customers. The casino is also home to a nightclub, eighteen restaurants, a shopping mall, and a large parking garage with 3,000 parking slots. Additionally, the casino hosts regular tournaments where customers can wager against each other, eliminating the house advantage.

Final Thoughts on the Most Unique And Exciting Casinos in Canada

The casino market in Canada has seen a steady rise in recent years. Currently, Canada is ranked 8th globally among the countries with the highest casino activities among their populace. With all these facts in mind, the most unique and exciting casinos will always be found in the country is a no-brainer. For instance, the Niagara casino is famous for its breathtaking views of Niagara Falls, whereas the Fallsview casino is known for its colossal state of the art gym. Furthermore, with the legal gambling age being 19 years, Canada is bound to become the next casino capital of the world, meaning other unique and exciting casinos will continue to be established there.

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