Cintex Wireless Is Cintex Wireless legit?

by Glenn Maxwell

This site is Customer support at Cintex Wireless Contact information, including tips and shortcuts for any quick response or technical assistance. How you can receive live support Cintex Wireless By calling or chatting.

Cintex Wireless Telephone Number:

Call 800-826-0942 to talk with a Lifeline representative

Hrs of operation for that Answering Services Company : Monday through Friday 9 am-8 pm EST, Saturday 10 am-7pm EST

For retail support call: 877-304-9183

Cintex Wireless Website:

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Cintex Wireless Live Chat

Live support isn’t feasible. To make contact with the organization, please make use of the phone number.

Email from Cintex Wireless:

You’ll be able to leave a note at

Cintex Wireless Fax Number

Regrettably, the fax number isn’t accessible. To make contact with the organization, please make use of the phone number.

Cintex Wireless Mail Address

Cintex WirelessPO Box 10707

Gaithersburg, MD 2098

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About the organization

Cintex Wireless, LLC offers three kinds of services to match a multitude of customers. Included in this are free government mobile phones, without any cost minutes underneath the Lifeline program as well as other affordable prepaid plans. Additionally they offer cheap limitless minutes/texts/data plans. Only five states are qualified free of charge lifeline phones: Rhode Island (Maine), Maryland, Arkansas, West Virginia, and West Virginia. The 90-minute/text plan’s free and could be folded over monthly. Cintex Wireless talk and text prepaid plans have a $5 fee every month for 100 minutes nationwide or 100 worldwide texts. Limitless worldwide calling and limitless texting cost $40. Many data plans provided by Cintex Wireless can also be found at really low prices.

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