CompTIA CASP+ certification: A must-have for the security practitioner

by Carter Toni

CompTIA CASP+ certification is an advanced level performance-based practitioner. It is an ideal professional for technology professionals who want to immerse themselves in the management of cyberspace. It is a highly appreciated and known certificate in the IT industry. It is one of the mastery level certificates which would let its candidates sit on top of the throne among other competitors. With the increasing demand for IT professionals in the security domain, this certificate would help aspirants stand out among other candidates. If you are among the candidates wanting to secure their place in the organization and manage the security systems, then CompTIA CASP+ certification is for you.

More about CASP+

CASP Certification is a performance exam that lets its candidates access various performance-based questions and multiple-choice questions. If you have passed CASP+, you have attained technical mastery and cybersecurity technology. The candidates have acquired the skill to develop recovery plans, conduct a risk assessment, maintain security systems, and use analytical tools and software.

1. CASP performance exam

CASP+ is a performance-based exam that lets the candidates use their analytical thinking and skills to analyze complex problems. It allows them to create desirable solutions for the issues and prevent any malware. If you have the CompTIA CASP+ certificate, it shows that you can walk the walk and lead the problem to its solution. It would significantly affect the employers looking for potential IT candidates who would protect their assets from cyber attacks. It will secure your job in this field. You will not have to give evidence of your skillset if you have cleared the CASP+ exam.

2. Technical mastery

CASP+ provides its candidates to attain mastery level to tackle any technical issues. These professionals are aware of every detail of technology. They have an excellent knowledge of minor components of technology. If one acquires such knowledge, they can solve complex cybersecurity technology and infrastructure problems with much ease. These professionals understand the complex issues which are in front of them. They develop and implement solutions using their critical skillset and mindset. Their advanced skills to do away with cyberattacks or any data breaches are what makes them so demanding.

3. Cybersecurity

CASP+ helps the candidates to attain more fabulous cybersecurity concepts in their entirety. It provides incredible values and a certificate to allow the aspirants to gain experience and knowledge of cybersecurity works. It lets them attain an advanced-level cybersecurity assessment. It also helps its candidates to land secure job opportunities and turn their careers around. If you’re an aspirant wishing to become a reputed organization manager, then CASP+ would help you build up your profile in this field.

CASP+ offers job roles such as Security Architecture, Engineer, IT specialist, etc. CompTIA CASP+ provides its candidates with the best job offers from reputable organizations, including the U.S Army, U.S Navy, Dell, Booz Allen Hamilton, Verizon, etc. It is estimated that the salary package for CASP+ certified IT professionals is $85,000.

CASP+ Exam

CASP+ exam possesses 90 multiple choice questions and performance-based questions. The candidates need to attempt all these questions in a total time of 165 minutes. It requires ten years of experience before the exams. It is said this certification is for individuals who are seeking jobs to protect organizations against potential cyber-attacks. This exam would help the aspirants to get into the IT professional security domains.


People often mistake both these terms as one while they both are different terms with another purpose. CISSP is justified why it remains the highly reputable one among others. It deals with a wide range of knowledge and complex information. The CISSP is more about the management of security information rather than a detailed understanding of specific technical controls. It demonstrates a five-year-long working experience.

While CASP deals with understanding specific technical controls, it may not be highly regarded as CISSP. But it is said to provide a practical approach to attain cybersecurity skills and technical mastery. It also provides a stepping stone towards CISSP in the future. It also costs less than CISSP.


The certificate ensures candidates higher salaries, reputable job offers. One needs dedication and passion for following. Also, a strict routine would help the individuals.

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