Convert Leads into Customers Using the Psychology Behind Habit Formation

by Carter Toni

Are you interested in knowing how you can better engage with your leads and convert them into customers?

It’s a lot simpler than you might think. Manipulating your customers into buying your product or service will not work in your favour. By understanding the psychology behind their purchasing habits, you will convince them and offer what they want.

Mental triggers that help make a purchase are mostly common across all humans. To influence your customers’ purchasing patterns, you need to understand what those triggers are and then utilize them in your outreach effort.

Listed below are a couple of pointers that you can use to boost your sales-

Narrate a Story

Brand storytelling has always been integral to marketing. To survive in the volatile market, the business needs to connect with its target audience. By capturing the reader’s attention with a story, you can trigger emotions in them, which can help them experience the product or service without actually experiencing it.

Rather than just sharing information on why the prospect should purchase your product or service, you should invoke emotions by sharing the story behind your brand, why it exists, and why it matters across your marketing communications.  This will help your business maximize its visibility, profit and create a positive impact.

Simplify Your Solution

Simplification is a vehicle to a faster, leaner, and agile business that works towards providing your customers with greater experiences. Feed into your prospect’s mind how your solution offering is the fastest way to achieve their desired results even though deep down they know that this is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of effort.

Play around with words like easy, fastest, and other relevant words in your marketing copies to trigger psychological thoughts in the prospects’ minds. This is a foolproof strategy that will help your business convert more leads.

Find a Shared Enemy to Galvanize Your Prospects

When you identify an enemy that your prospects are trying to overcome, you get a chance to stand out from your competitors.

The need to belong is a fundamental motivator in the purchasing decision for all humans. By weaving stories that focus on a common enemy, you’re creating a group of people who are gathered together to fight against that enemy. Prospects and customers easily identify with the group, creating a sense of belonging, which will help you in increasing your sales.

Inspire Curiosity

We’ve all encountered sales representatives who fixate on the features and benefits of the product or service they are selling but never ask the customer any questions—their main focus is on what they know instead of what they can learn. By leveraging curiosity to understand their prospects better, salespeople can open up a new business, revive deals that have stalled, and pave the way to bigger deals over time.

This is the essence of success in sales. If you want to convert prospects into customers, you need to understand their challenges on an emotional level. By being a curious seller, you can understand the prospect’s goals, fears, and desires and modify your message accordingly. The best reps see their prospects as individuals, not money-making machines. They engage about topics with the prospects that are nowhere related to the sales. Yet, it’s this type of curiosity that helps pay off in the end.

Build Anticipation

When you send out an email as part of your lead generation program, one way to boost response is by tweaking your subject line or outer envelope teaser line to create a sense of positive anticipation. Why? Because anticipation can help you increase your engagements, leading to increased sales.

By having in-depth knowledge about your prospect’s psychology of purchasing behaviour, your business can maintain a competitive advantage in sales. The more you study people and understand the psychology behind their purchasing patterns, the more you’re going to be able to give them what they need, how they need it and when they need it. In the end, providing your prospects with what they require is the only way you can get more deals flowing your way.

At BeyondCodes, we understand the psychology behind human purchasing patterns and try to incorporate them in all of our outreach strategies. If you struggle with generating leads or drawing the attention of busy decision-makers, contact us today!

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