Cubans take pilot boat in the port of Mariel towards the USA !

by Sean Dixon

There have been 14 people included, including two minors, based on information from relatives distributed to CiberCuba.

Cubans required the boat in the pilots within the port of Mariel , within the province of Artemisa , towards the U . s . States, based on information released on social systems by relatives of irregular migrants .

“I need assistance to talk about this message. My nephew Evelio (El Vely), they told us that he’s within an American Coast Guard, since he was intercepted as he was looking to get together with his family (mother and kids) towards the coast of Libertad, aboard the pilot boat from Mariel where he labored. ”, user Dagoberto Valdés stated on Facebook this Saturday.

The publication adds that “everyone is desperate, if he’s came back to Cuba we all know the effects is going to be serious, if anybody understands how to get this somebody that might help, please tell me.”

Relatives of Evelio also authored this Saturday to CiberCuba to request details about his departure in the country with everyone.

Within the message they stated he left Cuba “in a ship in the port of Mariel, that is one of the Condition so we have no idea anything yet. He went together with his entire family and we have to get this to news go viral, because we fear they’re came back to Cuba.”

The one who authored, claimed to become Evelio’s brother, and stated that “the Cuban coastguards fell behind him to worldwide waters” and they were later arrested through the American coastguards.

Likewise, he assured, all individuals who have been aboard the boat are on the top of america Coast Guard which the exit with the Mariel happened at beginning last Friday.

“He left at beginning around the 23rd through Mariel Bay together with his entire family. He went together with his mother, his girl, his boy, his ex-wife, the daughter of his ex. I’m not sure who another people aboard the ship are. They let me know there were 14 of these from Cuba”, he put in his letter addressed to CiberCuba .

In another message for this newsroom, someone else asks about those who were included that conned the Mariel pilots.

“Doesn’t have news from the crew aboard? Family people are desperate. The incident happened at beginning and you will find witnesses the boat came back empty 12 miles after standing on our prime seas, ”says the content.

Additionally, he refers that “there’s a sound where they are saying that everybody is okay, but there is nothing known and also the relatives state that their telephones having a Cuban line are ringing.”

Another audio delivered to this newsroom reports the boat’s crew sent it to Cuba, while using autopilot, and they notified the pilots to get it.

“Supposedly this type of person here [U . s . States], they weren’t caught. They switched the boat 14 miles backwards. Installed the autopilot on and known as pilots in the future get her before she crashed. These were selected up by another boat 14 or 15 miles available,” states the audio delivered to CiberCuba .

During the time of penning this information, no further information on this departure in the country have yet emerged, nor from the return from the boat towards the port of Mariel.

The ultimate fate from the 14 individuals who were supposedly aboard can also be unknown, both through the Cuban government bodies by the U . s . States Coast Guard.

The only real confirmation to date may be the departure in the country of someone aboard the boat stolen in the Mariel port pilots.

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