Customer care services outsourcing for the medical industry – what can it cover & what are the benefits?

by Carter Toni

In many sectors, including medical services, customer care is an essential pillar of the business. Regardless of the tendency towards automation, the support of the real-life customer care assistant is invaluable in some cases. How can you benefit from outsourcing such services?

The increasing automation is the direct result of AI development and an increasing trust towards this kind of technology. Indeed – the automation tools, like chatbots and voice bots, can solve many existing issues and increase productivity. However, they should be used responsibly. 

The full automation may affect the customer experience negatively, particularly if the tool is still in development. Limited features and scripts may make it difficult for the customer to solve their doubts or schedule a meeting. 

For the medical clinic, it may have problematic implications. Their potential clients may give up on booking a visit. That’s why access to live chat and flexibility of the customizable scripts are essential. In the case of unscripted situations, the patient should always have an opportunity to talk to a real-life assistant.

Outsourcing customer care services for medical units – is it worth it?

Outsourcing is an increasingly popular business model. If you choose a reliable partner to outsource the customer service, you can count on increased productivity, lower operational costs, and a better customer experience. In the case of medical clinics and hospitals, it’s essential to choose a partner specialized in medical services, like Well Received. This sector requires a specialistic knowledge and a particular approach based on patience and attention to detail. 

Your outsourcing partner can:

  • provide you a customer service support 24/7 without hiring additional employees (live chat, calls, etc.)
  • provide additional support to your in-house staff during peak hours
  • respond to emails
  • schedule appointments
  • manage your bookings within a tailor-made system

What can medical customer service outsourcing include?

Your outsourcing customer service partner may provide you support in different forms depending on your needs. It may include:

  • Live Medical Call Answering
  • Live chat support
  • Virtual Medical Receptionist
  • Call Center Services
  • After Hours Medical Answering Service
  • Telemedicine with Teleport Video
  • Medical Appointment Scheduling

The support of the outsourcing company can be limited to specified hours, for instance, the night hours, or particular periods when the demand for customer service increases. It’s a great way to meet the expectations of your customers without hiring additional employees full-time. You don’t have to run a time-consuming recruitment process – it’s enough to order the outsourcing service!

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