Dating Apps For Teens Are Now Better Than Ever

by Carter Toni

Social distancing has become a norm over the past year, so meeting new people is harder and harder. Restrictions come and go on a regular basis, so people inevitably feel lonelier than ever. Teens in particular suffer even more because they are used to socialize on a daily basis, make new friends and hook up.

Dating apps have seen a serious increase over the past year. The dating industry is not new at all. In fact, people from all over the world rely on the Internet to find someone to love or hook up with, whether they are too busy to go out, they feel shy or there is simply not enough fish in the sea where they live. But the last year has made these dating apps even better.

New features kicking in

Most free teen dating apps have brought in a bunch of new features to make it easier for teens to find dates. If you already know that pictures can be misleading or hide different individuals, such issues are no longer around because video chatting is the new norm. Instead of wasting time to write messages, how about a video call to ensure the person you are about to date is actually who they say they are?

Then, some other applications – the ones that allowed you to find local people only – have introduced the so-called passports. You can practically match with people from all over the world, regardless of the location. Furthermore, there are a few modern dating apps that have been recently created and catered to those who have to quarantine only.

Search functions may not seem too relevant when choosing a dating service, but they have also been enhanced with various criteria – some websites have even added coronavirus related criteria, such as the need to quarantine. Simply put, you just cannot go wrong these days – you can get the right details to ensure you are about to find the perfect partner.

Long term relationships or casual hookups

Ages ago, some applications – like Tinder – were mostly aimed at casual hookups. Some others were aimed at long term relationships – most of them, actually. Then, there are also apps or websites that cater to all needs. These days, you can find anything, everywhere. Teens can find hookups, casual dating, long term and serious relationships on pretty much any website out there.

Great matches

Pretty much every dating website out there has a matching service too. If you have used such websites before, you probably know how they work. They try to find a few things in common and they will match you to people who are not even close to your type. Sure, you may have a couple of common interests, but this is pretty much it. The age was off, as well as the overall appearance.

Matching systems these days are better than ever. Practically, you will often have to take personality tests. They are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended. You will be matched with people who actually have the same personality. Other preferences regarding the ideal partner are also considered, so matches are more efficient these days.

With all these…

Despite the online dating industry being better than ever for teens (as well as older generations), caution is still mandatory. The online dating industry can still pose some risks. Grownups can pretend to be teenagers and the other way around. People are not always who they claim to be, yet some modern features will help a little – such as video calling.

On the same note, some apps have introduced a friend alert feature. If you are about to go date someone, you can alert them that you are seeing someone you have met online. Your friend will be alerted regarding the location, as well as a few other details. Safety and security have higher standards, yet you still have to be cautious.


Bottom line, online dating has been taken to another level. Many modern features were about to happen anyway, but the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic has rushed them a little. Most of them are meant to help people find the right partner in a more effective way, but they are also related to safety and security – after all, online dating has always carried a few risks.

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