Dave Courtney Cause Of Death: What Really Happened To Dave Courtney?

by Moore Martin

Dave Courtney Cause Of Death

The streets of London have seen their fair share of larger-than-life characters, but perhaps none as polarizing as Dave Courtney. Born in Bermondsey in 1959 and raised in the heart of London’s underworld, Courtney’s life reads like a screenplay filled with crime, intrigue, and eccentricity. But how much of his story was reality, and how much was a mere creation of his “One Big Ego”?

Who Was Dave Courtney?

Born on February 17, 1959, in Bermondsey, London, Dave Courtney’s early life seemed rather ordinary. He began his education at Adamsrill Primary School in Sydenham. But it was during these early years that he developed the character that would later define him. His neighborhood and its unique experiences shaped the man who would become synonymous with London’s criminal underworld.

Early Connections to the Criminal World:

Courtney never shied away from his associations with notorious figures like Reggie Kray and Lenny McLean. While some of these connections were real, others raised eyebrows due to their seemingly implausible timing. His narratives, filled with tales of being shot, stabbed, and facing violent altercations, added layers of intrigue to his reputation. However, the line between fact and fiction often appeared blurred, leading to widespread speculation.

The M20 Car Crash Mystery:

One of Courtney’s most talked-about tales was the car crash on the M20, which he believed was an assassination attempt. Whether this was a genuine threat on his life or another chapter in his book of colorful tales remains a subject of debate.

The “One Big Ego” Persona:

Ever the showman, Courtney’s humorous self-titling as “OBE,” which he claimed stood for “One Big Ego,” exemplified his larger-than-life personality. His home, Camelot Castle in Plumstead, was a testament to this eccentricity, adorned with union flags, images portraying him as a knight, and the signature giant knuckle duster.

Authenticity of Criminal Claims:

Dave Courtney’s alleged involvements range from managing clubs and debt collection to more severe charges, including assault and murder. He frequently spoke about his time in the high-security Belmarsh Prison, a claim supported by ex-prison guard Jim Dawkins. Yet, despite these numerous allegations, Courtney’s book, “F**k the Ride,” highlights that he was acquitted in 19 separate trials.

Courtney: The Author and Actor:

Aside from his life in the criminal world, Courtney also ventured into writing and acting. He penned six books, diving deep into his experiences and providing a glimpse into his mind. His foray into the film world saw him not only acting but also producing, with titles like “Hell To Pay” and “The Dead Sleep Easy” under his belt.

Legal Controversies:

Courtney’s encounters with the law were numerous. He was acquitted of assaulting his girlfriend, Jennifer Lucrea Pinto, in 2004. In 2009, he was charged with possessing live ammunition without proper certification, leading to an 18-month conditional discharge. His inability to differentiate between a real and fake round became the talk of the town. Later that year, Courtney faced more severe charges, being accused of possessing a prohibited weapon and a firearm. Yet again, he was found not guilty.

Financial Downfall:

Despite his fame (or infamy), Courtney faced severe financial troubles, filing for bankruptcy in May 2009. Reports suggest he owed a staggering amount to creditors, marking a significant low in his roller-coaster life.

The Tragic End:

The shocking news of Dave Courtney’s death came on October 22, 2023. Reports suggest he took his own life, leaving fans and critics alike in disbelief and sorrow.

The Legacy of Dave Courtney:

Dave Courtney’s life, a mix of truths, half-truths, and potential fabrications, makes him an enigma. Whether loved or loathed, his tales from London’s underground world will continue to captivate, leaving behind a legacy that will be discussed for generations.


Dave Courtney was an enigmatic figure, with a life story that continues to baffle and intrigue. His larger-than-life persona and the blurry line between fact and fiction in his narratives make him an unforgettable character in the annals of London’s underworld history.


1. Was Dave Courtney a real criminal?

While Courtney had connections to the criminal world, the authenticity of his criminal claims remains a subject of debate, with many allegations unproven.

2. What were his most famous books?

Dave Courtney authored six books, with “F**k the Ride” being one of the most well-known, delving into his life experiences.

3. How did Dave Courtney die?

Courtney’s death was reported as a suicide on October 22, 2023, which shocked his fans and critics.

4. What is the significance of the “One Big Ego” title?

“One Big Ego” was a humorous self-title given by Dave Courtney to reflect his larger-than-life personality and eccentricity.

5. Why did Dave Courtney face financial troubles?

Despite his fame, Courtney filed for bankruptcy in 2009 due to substantial debts, marking a low point in his life.

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