Denis Baumgartner Net Worth in 2024: What Is Denis Baumgartner Net Worth?

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Denis Baumgartner Net Worth

In the world of football, success is often measured not only by the number of goals scored but also by the financial rewards it brings. One name that has been making waves in recent years is Denis Baumgartner, a talented Slovak football player. As we step into 2024, it’s time to take a closer look at Denis Baumgartner’s net worth and his journey to success.

Denis Baumgartner Net Worth

Real Name Denis Baumgartner
Estimated Net Worth $1 – $5 Million Dollars
(as of 2023)
Profession Slovak football player
Date of Birth 2 February 1998
Birth Place Senica, Slovakia
Age (as of 2024) 25 years old
Height 176 cm(5 feet 8 inches)
Weight 72 kg (159 lbs)
Nationality Slovak

Who is Denis Baumgartner?

Denis Baumgartner, born on February 2, 1998, is a remarkable Slovak football player known for his exceptional skills as a midfielder. Hailing from Skalica, Slovakia, Baumgartner currently represents MFK Skalica, proudly donning the number 17 jersey. His journey in the world of football has been nothing short of inspirational, especially as he continues to make significant contributions to his hometown club.

Real Name Denis Baumgartner
Date of Birth 2 February 1998
Age (as of 2024) 25 years old
Height 176 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight 72 kg (159 lbs)
Birth Place   Senica, Slovakia
Gender Male
Profession Slovak football player
Nationality Slovak

Denis Baumgartner’s Early Career

Denis Baumgartner’s rise to prominence can be traced back to his early days. He started his senior career with Sampdoria in 2017, although he made no appearances for the senior team during that period. However, it was his loan spells that started to turn heads.

  • Serie C Debut: Denis Baumgartner made his Serie C debut for Livorno on October 1, 2017, in a game against Pontedera.
  • Loan Spell at FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda: On August 6, 2018, Baumgartner joined FC DAC Dunajská Streda on loan until June 30, 2019, gaining valuable experience.

Return to Slovakia: FK Senica

Baumgartner’s journey took an interesting turn in the summer of 2019 when he returned to his home club, FK Senica. This move was significant as it showcased his commitment to his roots and the club that meant so much to him.

  • Two-Year Deal: Upon his return, Denis Baumgartner signed a two-year deal with FK Senica.
  • Departure Amidst Pandemic: Unfortunately, his time at Senica was marred by the coronavirus pandemic. Reports suggest that he left the club in May 2020, which was reportedly due to a fall-out with club leadership over salary cuts during the pandemic.
  • Performance: During his tenure at Senica, Baumgartner made 18 goal-less league appearances and participated in 4 Slovnaft Cup matches, scoring a single goal.

MFK Skalica: A New Chapter

February 4, 2021, marked a fresh start for Denis Baumgartner as he signed a one-year contract with the Slovak second division club, MFK Skalica. This move was significant as it marked his return to competitive football after being without an affiliation for half a year.

  • New Contract: Denis Baumgartner’s return to the football pitch was marked by a one-year contract with MFK Skalica.
  • Performance at MFK Skalica: Since joining MFK Skalica, Baumgartner has accumulated 52 appearances and scored 9 goals, showcasing his continued growth and impact on the field.

International Recognition

Denis Baumgartner’s talents extend beyond the domestic leagues. He has also made his mark on the international stage during his youth career.

  • Slovakia U18: In 2016, he represented Slovakia U18, making 4 appearances and scoring 1 goal.
  • Slovakia U19: His international youth career continued with Slovakia U19 from 2016 to 2017, making 6 appearances and scoring 1 goal.

Denis Baumgartner’s Net Worth

Now, let’s address the burning question: What is Denis Baumgartner’s net worth in 2024?

According to online sources, as of 2023, Denis Baumgartner’s net worth was estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million dollars. This impressive net worth is a testament to his success as a Slovak football player, both domestically and internationally.

Denis Baumgartner’s Physical Attributes

  • Weight: Denis Baumgartner weighs 72 kg (159 lbs), making him a formidable presence on the field.
  • Height: He stands at 176 cm (approximately 5 feet 9 inches), showcasing his agility and versatility as a midfielder.


Denis Baumgartner’s journey in the world of football is an inspiring tale of dedication, talent, and resilience. From his early career in Serie C to his return to his hometown club and subsequent success at MFK Skalica, Baumgartner has shown that hard work pays off. His net worth is a reflection of his accomplishments, and as he continues to evolve in his career, the sky is the limit for this talented Slovak football player.


1. Who is Denis Baumgartner?

Denis Baumgartner is known as a Slovak football player. Denis Baumgartner was born on 2 February 1998 and is presently 25 years old.

2. What is Denis Baumgartner’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, Denis Baumgartner’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million dollars. Denis Baumgartner is a Slovak football player who was born on 2 February 1998.

3. What is Denis Baumgartner’s weight?

Denis Baumgartner, the successful Slovak football player, weighs 72 kg (159 lbs). Get to know more about Denis Baumgartner from the above article.

4. How tall is Denis Baumgartner?

Denis Baumgartner is a Slovak football player who stands 176 cm tall.

5. How old is Denis Baumgartner?

Denis Baumgartner was born on 2 February 1998. Denis Baumgartner is 25 years old.

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