Dermalactives Review 2024: Is Dermalactives Com Fake?

by Moore Martin

Dermalactives Review

Dermalactives Review

If you’ve been considering making a purchase from the Dermalactives website but have doubts about its legitimacy, you’re not alone. In this comprehensive review, we aim to provide you with all the necessary information to help you decide whether is a trustworthy platform for your Body Care, Skin Care, and Anti-Aging needs.

Introduction is an online store specializing in Body Care, Skin Care, and Anti-Aging products. Their product range includes Replenishing Body Butter – White Tea, Purifying Triple Power Collagen Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Illuminating Lifting Neck Serum, and Thermal X Cream. However, before you decide to make a purchase, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons.

What is Dermalactives? offers a variety of products in the realm of Body Care, Skin Care, and Anti-Aging. They promise to deliver these products promptly, and their return policy states that unused items can be returned within 30 days of purchase. While this sounds promising, there are some factors to consider.

Negative Aspects of Dermalactives Website

  1. Lack of Newsletter and Social Links: One notable drawback is the absence of a newsletter and social media links on their website. This lack of online presence can raise concerns about their legitimacy.
  2. Copied Content: There have been reports of copied content on their site, which can erode trust. Original content is crucial for a credible online store.
  3. Website Age: was registered on 14th October 2003 and is set to expire on 14th October 2024. While an older domain can indicate trustworthiness, it’s essential to scrutinize other factors as well.
  4. Limited Product Range: The website offers a limited selection of products, which may not cater to all customers’ needs.

Positive Aspects of Dermalactives Website

Despite the negatives, there are some positive aspects to consider:

  1. SSL Certificate: has a valid SSL certificate and uses HTTPS, ensuring a secure browsing experience for customers.
  2. High Trust Score: The website boasts a trust score of 86% according to Scamadviser, which is relatively high and could indicate reliability.
  3. Payment Options: offers various payment methods, including Visa and MasterCard, providing convenience to customers.
  4. Return Policy: They do accept returns for unused items within 30 days of purchase, and faulty products may also be eligible for refunds.

Is Legit?

The legitimacy of is a subject of debate. While the trust score is relatively high, there are concerns about copied content, limited product range, and the absence of social links. The age of the domain is an encouraging factor, but it’s essential to exercise caution when making a purchase.


In conclusion, presents a mixed picture. It offers a range of Body Care, Skin Care, and Anti-Aging products, and it has a relatively high trust score. However, concerns about copied content, limited product range, and the absence of social links raise questions about its legitimacy. We recommend thorough research and careful consideration before making a purchase on this website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is a Legitimate Website?’s legitimacy is uncertain. While it has a high trust score and an old domain, there are concerns about copied content and limited product offerings.
  2. What is the Trust Score of According to Scamadviser, has a trust score of 86%, which is relatively high.
  3. Do They Offer Free Shipping? offers free shipping for purchases over $75, which may be an attractive offer for some customers.
  4. Is There a Return Policy? Yes, accepts returns for unused items within 30 days of purchase. Faulty products may also be eligible for refunds.
  5. Are Social Media Links Available on the Website? Unfortunately, there are no visible social media links on the website, which can make it challenging to gauge customer feedback and trustworthiness.

Before making a purchase on, consider these factors and gather more information to make an informed decision.

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