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by Moore Martin

Did Good Trouble Get Cancelled

In recent news, Freeform has officially pulled the plug on the television series “Good Trouble.” The network cited high production costs and low ratings as the main reasons behind the cancellation. As a result, the upcoming fifth season, set to premiere on January 2, will mark the conclusion of this beloved show. Interestingly, this final season will include a supersized finale, featuring extra scenes and the directorial debut of Cierra Ramirez, one of the show’s stars.

The Journey of “Good Trouble”

“Good Trouble” is an American drama TV series and a spin-off of Freeform’s “The Fosters.” It made its debut in January 2019 with a thirteen-episode first season. The show picks up the story a few years after the events of “The Fosters,” following the lives of Callie Adams Foster (played by Maia Mitchell) and Mariana Adams Foster (played by Cierra Ramirez) as they navigate young adulthood in Los Angeles.

Following its initial season, “Good Trouble” continued with its second season in June 2019 and its third season in February 2021. After a renewal in September 2021, the fourth season premiered on March 9, 2022. In a surprising turn of events, the show received the green light for a fifth season in August 2022, but unfortunately, in December 2023, it was announced that the series would not be renewed, marking the end of Callie and Mariana’s on-screen journey.

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Good Trouble Cast



Maia Mitchell Callie Adams Foster
Cierra Ramirez Mariana Adams Foster
Zuri Adele Malika Williams
Sherry Cola Alice Kwan
Tommy Martinez Gael Martinez
Roger Bart Judge Curtis Wilson
Emma Hunton Davia Moss
Josh Pence Dennis Cooper
Beau Mirchoff Jamie Hunter
Bryan Craig Joaquin Peréz
Priscilla Quintana Isabella Tavez
Booboo Stewart Luca Ryusaki

The Cancellation of “Good Trouble”

To address the pressing question – “Did Good Trouble Get Cancelled?” – the answer is yes. Freeform has officially canceled “Good Trouble,” marking the end of its scripted series. This decision comes in the wake of the network also canceling “Cruel Summer,” citing a combination of high production costs and low ratings, as reported by TVLine and The Hollywood Reporter.

As a way to provide a fitting farewell to the show, the series will conclude with a supersized finale episode. This special episode will feature additional scenes and the return of key cast members, including Maia Mitchell and Beau Mirchoff. Notably, Cierra Ramirez, who portrays Mariana in the show, will make her directorial debut with this extraordinary episode. With both “Good Trouble” and “Cruel Summer” canceled, the future of Freeform’s scripted programming remains uncertain, leaving the fate of other shows still pending.

Unraveling the Plot of “Good Trouble”

“Good Trouble” explores the post-Fosters lives of siblings Callie and Mariana as they navigate adulthood in Los Angeles. Several years after their time in “The Fosters,” the sisters move into a communal living space known as The Coterie. Callie takes on a role as a law clerk under Judge Wilson, while Mariana pursues a career as a software engineer. The series delves into their personal and professional challenges, providing a window into the complexities of young adulthood.

The show intricately weaves together their journeys, shedding light on the intricate tapestry of work, love, and friendships. As they interact with a diverse group of neighbors and friends, “Good Trouble” addresses contemporary issues such as social justice, identity, and relationships. The narrative captures the essence of their growth, offering a compelling portrayal of the multifaceted aspects of life in a bustling city. With each passing season, “Good Trouble” continues to weave the evolving lives of Callie and Mariana into a rich and engaging story that resonates with audiences.

Where to Watch “Good Trouble”

If you’re wondering where you can watch “Good Trouble,” the answer is Hulu. Hulu offers a convenient platform for viewers to enjoy the series at their own pace. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of the drama or simply intrigued by the post-Fosters lives of Callie and Mariana, Hulu provides easy access to all episodes.

To start streaming and immerse yourself in the engaging narratives, character dynamics, and contemporary themes explored in “Good Trouble,” simply visit the Hulu website or use the Hulu app. It’s a hassle-free way to stay connected with the series and relish the storytelling from the comfort of your preferred device.

FAQs About the Cancellation of “Good Trouble”

1. Is “Good Trouble” still on air? No, “Good Trouble” has been officially canceled after its fifth season.

2. When does the final season premiere? The remaining episodes of the fifth and final season will premiere on January 2.

3. What led to the cancellation of “Good Trouble”? The decision was influenced by a combination of high production costs and low ratings.

4. Who are the main characters in “Good Trouble”? The main characters include Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell), Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez), and others like Malika Williams, Gael Martinez, and Judge Curtis Wilson.

5. Where can I watch “Good Trouble” online?
You can stream “Good Trouble” on Hulu, providing a convenient platform to watch the series at your own pace.

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