Disabled Man Arrested at Target: Disabled Man’s Arrest at Target Sparks Outrage!

by Moore Martin

Learn more about Kenneth Skeens’ conduct as a former officer of the Albuquerque Police Department and the contentious arrest of a disabled man at a Target store. Find more about the accusations and how the incident affected his career.

At-Target Arrest of a Disabled Man

An alarming occurrence occurred in August 2022 at a Target in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where a 53-year-old man was wrongfully detained despite being handicapped. When the police published bodycam footage of the incident, it attracted a lot of media attention. The man could be seen in the video stumbling as he attempted to use the self-checkout counter.

Kenneth Skeens, a former member of the Albuquerque Police Department, approached the individual rather than providing assistance and then took him into custody on suspicion of criminal trespassing. Skeens and other officers forcibly took the crippled guy from the business despite the fact that he had committed no offence warranting his arrest. The man adamantly maintained his innocence throughout the encounter and even called 911.

The crippled man’s charges were ultimately dropped because he was unable to face trial. Kenneth Skeens was charged with violence, false imprisonment, perjury, submitting a false police report, and filing a false police report in addition to being fired from the police department as a result of his acts. Outrage and worries over the overuse of force and abuse of power by police enforcement were triggered by this incident.

Who Is Kenneth Skeens?

Former Albuquerque Police Department officer Kenneth Skeens gained attention when he assisted in the unlawful detention of a disabled man at a Target store in August 2022. Skeens had been a member of the police force since June 2018, but his employment was terminated in February 2023 as a result of his actions during the event. In connection with the arrest, he was accused with violence, false detention, perjury, submitting a fake police report, and perjury.

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Name Kenneth Skeens
Date of Birth N/A
Place of Birth N/A
Career Former Police Officer
Employment Albuquerque Police Department
Date of Termination February 2023
Notable Incidents Unlawful arrest

What acted upon by Officer Kenneth Skeens?

In the contentious Target store arrest of the crippled man, Officer Kenneth Skeens was a key player. He was shown on bodycam footage handcuffing the man and physically ejecting him from the store. Since the arrest was seen to be unlawful and a misuse of authority, Skeens, an Albuquerque Police Department employee since June 2018, was later fired from his employment in February 2023.

Regarding his conduct during the event, Kenneth Skeens was charged with a number of offences, including false detention, perjury, submitting a fake police report, and violence. He was charged with using excessive force and abusing his position as a law enforcement officer by the office of the New Mexico Attorney General. Skeens also had a history of dubious behaviour, including a prior suspension in 2018 for an unauthorised arrest and his involvement in another event where three cops shot and killed an intoxicated person.

Target Disabled Man Charges in Albuquerque

The disabled guy was charged with a number of offences following the incident at the Target store in Albuquerque. In August 2022, the crippled man had conflict with the police, in particular Officer Kenneth Skeens, since he was obviously having difficulty completing a transaction at the store’s self-checkout counter. As a result of the event, he was accused of hiding his identity and resisting police.

The individual was later found to be incompetent to face trial, so these charges were later dismissed. The man’s handicap and his issues with self-checkout should have been treated with greater sensitivity and understanding instead of leading to criminal charges, the ruling highlighted the complexity of the matter.

Career of Kenneth Skeens

Kenneth Skeens’ tenure as a police officer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was tumultuous. Although he started working for the Albuquerque Police Department in June 2018, a string of controversial occurrences throughout that time period led to severe concerns about his character and professionalism. A notable episode in Skeens’ career was his 2018 ban for making an unauthorised arrest. The difficulties he would have maintaining moral and legal standards as a law enforcement officer were hinted at by this early occurrence.

But the event in August 2022 would ultimately shape his professional life. Skeens gained notoriety for his role in the unlawful detention of a disabled man at a Target store. Charges of wrongful detention, perjury, making a fake police report, and battery were brought against him as a result of this incident. His dismissal from the police force in February 2023 was the outcome of the widely reported arrest and the accompanying public and judicial fury.

FAQs: Arrested Disabled Man at Target

1. Who is Kenneth Skeens, exactly?

Former Albuquerque Police Department officer Kenneth Skeens is well-known for his role in the unlawful detention of a disabled man inside a Target store in Albuquerque in August 2022. He was charged, and the police department then let him go.

2. What was done at Target by Kenneth Skeens?

In a Target store, Kenneth Skeens confronted and detained a disabled man who was having trouble using the self-checkout counter to complete his transaction. Bodycam video of the arrest, which was ruled to be unjustified, was captured.

3. What led to Kenneth Skeens’ accusation?

In connection with the illegal arrest of a disabled man at an Albuquerque Target store, Kenneth Skeens was charged with false detention, perjury, filing a fake police report, and violence.

4. What transpired in the Target incident involving the crippled man?

The crippled guy, who was detained by Kenneth Skeens, had his charges withdrawn against him after it was determined that he was unable to stand trial.

5. What negative effects did the Target incident have on Kenneth Skeens?

In February 2023, Kenneth Skeens was let go by the Albuquerque Police Department and was prosecuted for his part in the illegal arrest.

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