Discourse on What Makes a Good Writing Assignment?

by Glenn Maxwell

Writing assignments are an excellent means of delivering a dynamic and interesting curriculum (Rutz, n.d.). However, the majority of pupils face difficulty while composing academic assignments. One big cause for this, among many others, is their lack of confidence in their writing abilities. Students feel scared to show their written sources to their teachers because they believe it will be full of silly errors that their teachers do not expect them to make at such a high level. Another issue lies when students have the least understanding of the topic they are writing about which is a severe issue because it impedes a student’s significant progress to compose a decent assignment – in such cases they prefer to apply for write a paper for me assistance to professionals instead of spending sleepless nights with writing. When it comes to writing, some students forget to take notes on essential information provided during the lecture when the task was assigned, causing them to become confused about the material (LiveWebTutors, 2018). Moreover, many problems arise when professors offer tasks to learners without explicitly stating what the task is designed to accomplish with the pupils (What Makes a Good Writing Assignment? – The WAC Clearinghouse, n.d.). This essay focuses on the aspects that contribute to the efficacy of any writing task.

To make things easier for students and educators, effective tasks should begin with a clear aim that the instructor can write on the instruction sheet so that students can understand the directions (What Makes a Good Writing Assignment? – The WAC Clearinghouse, n.d.). Writing is the skill of portraying one’s insights, viewpoints, and emotions. But while writing appears simple when thought about, it eventually results in disorganized and dispersed material on the page. This frequently leads to misunderstanding or sets a bad example (Writing Skills: Importance of Writing Skills – Harappa Education, 2020). It is said that effective tasks have quite a strong link to program objectives, provoke engagement with course work, and also have standards that complement both the methodology and the narrative. A great writing assignment provides a strategic scenario for the writing work, such as an objective, a category, a readership, and a consideration of situational factors. Furthermore, it allows students to practice the abilities required to complete the primary goal of the writing assignment (Rutz, n.d.).

Understanding the students’ conceptual understanding can aid in tailoring the work to their proficiency levels since an activity that is too difficult can infuriate or force students to shuttered, while a project that is not hard enough can result in a lack of commitment. Considering the abilities of students might also assist to decide how much instruction to provide them (Texas and Texas Tech University, n.d.).

A study concluded that perceived involvement is important for students when accomplishing an activity. Likewise, if an activity is intrinsically rewarding, relevant, or goal-oriented outside of the class, pupils will become more involved in it. Consider how instructors may inspire children to design under their own expertise or interests, resolve or investigate a real-world dilemma, or relate to the broader society. Allowing students to choose from a choice of projects helps them feel more unique, innovative, and in authority (Hass and Osborn, 2007). Furthermore, to make an assignment more effective, rather than scheduling lengthy research articles, professors may consider giving shorter, integrated tasks that lead up to the bigger work. Smaller activities, including paper outlines or highlighted references, facilitate students’ time while also teaching them how to conduct studies. Furthermore, such task schedules allow instructors to monitor students’ progress and intervene before it becomes too late (Designing Effective Writing Assignments — University of Louisville Writing Center, n.d.).

We rarely cease learning something new, such as how to write. Although no version is ever flawless, the deadline forces students to do their utmost and then send it out into the educator’s realm. Instructors must react to learners’ manuscripts with remarks on how well the version satisfies the assignment’s requirements, as well as either one or two recommendations for improving other aspects of the document, such as structure or proofreading. Such feedback assists students in resolving concerns raised at the outset, and they will be less hesitant to share projects that they believe are faulty.


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