Ditch That Digital Marketing Agency and Appoint a Digital Growth Agency

by Carter Toni

There are hundreds of digital marketing companies out there. Some are larger than others. There are some agencies that specialize in digital marketing, while others specialize in specific areas, like paid advertising, video marketing, content marketing, ppc and so on.

Vertical marketing agencies, such as those targeting commerce, production, and technology, specialize in these sectors. Depending on the client, some companies will work with clients from a wide range of industries, while others work in their area of expertise.

Almost no business knows where to start when looking for help with their marketing initiatives in an industry crowded with self-declared top digital agencies.

Additionally, companies that are unhappy with their current agency often have no idea where they are failing to grow their digital presence.

What can you ask a new digital marketing agency to determine if they are a good match for your company if you can’t pinpoint these shortfalls with your current agency?

Asking questions is a good way to start.

Are You Getting Growth from Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Have your marketing initiatives been set up with specific revenue targets? Have your marketing initiatives been set up with specific lead generation ?

Do you have a plan for generating marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads and workable opportunities for sales?

Are there any expectations on your part that you set at the start of this arrangement, such as schedules for communication, tracking, updating initiatives as priorities change, guidelines (SLA) regarding the quality of leads and sales handover?

Are you getting the results you want from your digital marketing agency? If the answer is no,In that case, letting the agency go should be easy.

The conversation needs to reflect that they do good work but are not tied to any specific growth goals, it is important to acknowledge that they are doing a good job, but you’ve grown out of your partnership and would like to find another more skilled marketing growth agency, like one who has a full understanding of the sales process.

A Digital Growth Agency can help your business grow

You will need to begin looking for a growth agency as soon as you have decided it is time to move on. Your business will get revenue growth in the digital space when you partner with a digital growth agency in your location. For example, if you live in London, you should hire a digital growth agency in London. Your goals will determine which agency is best for you.

Would a growth partner be able to assist you in achieving your marketing and sales goals this year? In the first five minutes of a consultation, a digital growth agency will ask for that information.

Advertising agencies want to know about ads, and social media agencies want to know who your followers, influencers, and audiences are. Growing your revenue is the primary goal of a digital growth agency.

As well as understanding the revenue target for the year, companies interested in growth will also determine the number of sales opportunities, sales qualified leads, and online traffic marketing qualified leads or interaction with prospects has to occur to meet sales objectives.

Growing an organization involves more than just one specific tactic, and that’s why growth agencies are not experts in only one! A wide range of tactics are available, both online and offline methods, and there are specialists that can handle your campaign to achieve success.

Other Qualities of a Great Digital Growth Agency:

How did they help companies achieve their digital goals and grow through case studies? Did they have similar goals to your company?

Some people will tell you to look for a marketing agency that can help you with your particular industry, but they may not be able to get the same results for you or may not be able to get the same results for their current clients.

Taking advantage of campaigns that have been successful in other industries can sometimes lead to even better results on your own. Since the agency isn’t doing the same thing every day, it pays to partner with clients that offer a variety of services.

Growth agencies have to keep up with continuing education, keep up to date on the latest developments in ecommerce platforms?

What is the average number of certifications each member of the agency’s team has? LAIRE, for example, requires its team members to get certifications from  Google, HubSpot, SEO software like MOZ, SEMrush, and email tools every quarter.

Are the digital agency growth partners you work with practicing what they preach? Are they providing clients with the same level of service? It’s an important question! Do they get results as well?

In what way do they align their strategy and tactics with their revenue goals? Before introducing any new ideas, campaigns, and platforms to your business, a digital growth agency should test them out on itself and demonstrate value. It’s not fair to you, the customer!

Why is your digital marketing partnering company different from the rest? I stated at the beginning of this article that digital marketing companies, in general, are plentiful and say the same thing about their services.

The agency does this, the agency does that, everyone is buzzing from caffeine, and so on. Growth agencies focus on providing clients with services that are more comprehensive or effective than their competitors. So, what sets them apart?

What is it you are looking for? Are you looking for a branded process that delivers results, a special sauce or guarantee that aligns with your business, or a way to address some of your biggest concerns? Can this growth agency help you win if it stands above the noise?

A lot depends on the feeling and vibe you get when picking a digital growth agency partner. Is this company genuinely interested in what you’re trying to accomplish? Would they like to speak about themselves after you finish?

You should not be interrupted by them! In my opinion, I doubt they will, if they truly want to be called a growth agency.

A common characteristic of growth-oriented people is their desire to help others succeed.

Are you looking for a growth agency in London to partner, who focuses on growth this year? Call us and request your marketing audit today.

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